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Course Assistant: Phil 1A Intro to Philosophy

Office: Rabb 327

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Jeremy Mele

Jeremy Mele

Jeremy Mele was raised in Quincy, MA and graduated from Salem State University with bachelor's degrees in English and Philosophy with a minor in History. His main areas of philosophical interest are in ethics, particularly in the nature of right action, and political philosophy; his undergraduate English thesis was a dramatic work entitled Executive, which dealt with utilitarian themes  filtered through the lens of the Twilight Zone and the 2016 election. It was performed by members of the Salem State Student Theatre Ensemble. His philosophy thesis, Making Democracy Safe for the World, explored how to build a better democratic system. 

When he obtains his degree, he would like to use what he's learned to go into local politics to help out his community, bringing a philosophical perspective to it (isn't it time ethics was brought back into politics?). He moved to Sanford, ME two years ago, where he ran for City Council last fall. He is currently involved in activist groups such as the Democratic Socialists of America, of which he serves as the Vice Chair of the Southern Maine chapter. His essay "For Municipally Guaranteed Jobs" was recently published online by the DSA's website Democratic Left

In his free time, he likes to read superhero comics and take his chihuahua, Luna, to the dog park.