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Course Assistant: PHIL 113B Aesthetics: Painting, Photography and Film and PHIL 125B Philosophy of Law

Office: Rabb 315

Office Hours: Mon. & Wed., 12:00pm to 1:00pm and by appointment


Peter Carmack

Peter Carmack

Peter graduated Magna Cum Laude in Philosophy and Humanities from Brigham Young University-Idaho in July of 2015.  Immediately following graduation, he had the rare opportunity to be an adjunct professor of philosophy.

Peter’s philosophical interests are legion: the history of philosophy, philosophical pedagogy, epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, religion, political theory, and science. He has published two academic papers, one on the mind-body problem, and the other on scientific realism. His greatest desire is to teach philosophy and theology at the university level at some future date.

Outside of philosophy, Peter is an accomplished entrepreneur. He has started multiple successful businesses to date. He is an avid reader of all things philosophical, theological, political, and historical. Additionally, he has taught and trained in martial arts for many years.

Most of all, Peter is a happy family man—his wife Jill is the greatest love in his life and his two young daughters Anna and Maren are his greatest passions.