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Course Assistant: PHIL 119A Human Rights

Office: Rabb 326

Office Hours: Fri., 12:00pm to 1:00pm and by appointment


William Grogan

William Grogan

William Grogan graduated from Southeastern University with a B.S. in practical ministries and a minor in Greek. As an undergraduate, he studied divinity, philosophical theology, religious epistemology, and ethics; his undergraduate thesis, “Postmodernism, Presuppositions, and Knowledge,” compared the epistemologies of Michel Foucault and Cornelius Van Til, offering a critical analysis of the two thinkers’ underlying metaphysical presuppositions.

William’s primary research interests include epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, existentialism, and ethics. Following his graduation from Brandeis University, he plans to further his studies by pursuing his Ph.D. in philosophy. Apart from academics, William enjoys music, reading, and debate; he is an ENFP according to Myers-Briggs Typology and is a patterned sock enthusiast.