Members of the group

Group Leader
Zvonimir Dogic, PI

Zvonimir Dogic
(781) 736-2167

Postdoctoral Fellows
Guillaume Duclos Guillaume Duclos
(781) 736-2894 
Mahsa Siavashpouri

Mahsa Siavashpouri
(781) 736-2872

Graduate Students
Andrew Balchunas Andrew Balchunas
(781) 736-2872
pooja Pooja Chandrakar
(781) 736-28894
Joia Miller  Joia Miller
(781) 736-2872
Joanna Robaszewski Joanna Robaszewski
(781) 736-2894
Linnea Metcalf
(781) 736-2906
Bez Laderman Bezia Laderman
(781) 736-2894
Edward Barry, Center for Nanoscale Materials / Nanoscience and Technology Division, Argonne National Laboratory (former graduate student)
Daniel Beller, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University, MA (former undergraduate student)
Daniel Chen, TBD (former postdoc)
Stephen DeCamp, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University, MA (former graduate student)
Jerome Fung, Lecturer in Physics, Wellesley College, MA (former postdoc)
Mohamed Gharbi, Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Massachusetts, Boston (former postdoc)
Thomas GibaudChargé de Recherche, Laboratoire de physique, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France (former postdoc)
Gil Henkin, Graduate Student, McGill University, Montreal (former undergraduate student)
Feodor Hilitski, Internal Consultant, Ab Initio, Lexington, MA (former graduate student)
Bernard Hishamunda, Consultant, IBM (former graduate student)
Michael Juniper, Postdoctoral Fellow, Francis Crick Institute, London (former postdoc)
Achini Opathalage, Postdoctoral Associate at Sgro Lab, BME-Boston University, MA (former postdoc)
Timothy Sanchez, Postdoctoral FellowDan Needleman Lab, Harvard University (former graduate student)
Walter Schwenger, Scientist, Deviceology, Sanofi-Genzyme (former graduate student)
Prerna Sharma, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science - Soft Matter Lab (former postdoc)
Andrew Ward, Postdoctoral Fellow, Wong Lab, Wyss Institute (former graduate student)
David Welch, farming in Tennessee (former graduate student)
Kun-Ta Wu, Assistant Professor of Physics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (former postdoc)
Sevim YardimciResearch Scientist, Francis Crick Institute, London (former graduate student)
Mark Zakhary, Medical Physics Fellow at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN (former graduate student)
Zhenkun Zhang (former Research Associate)