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Special Academic Opportunities

Four- and Five-Year BA/MA Programs

The four-year bachelor's/master's programs are designed to enable exceptional undergraduates to earn two degrees simultaneously during their period of study at Brandeis. In the five-year bachelor's/master's program, the bachelor's degree is conferred at the end of the fourth year, and the requirements for a master's degree are satisfied with one additional year of study at the graduate level. Refer to the current University Bulletin for participating programs.

Students who are interested in these opportunities should contact the Undergraduate Advising Head for their department no later than second semester of their sophomore year. Additional information on the regulations for a dual BA/MA program can be found in the University Bulletin.

Columbia University School of Engineering Combined Degree Program

Brandeis University and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science of Columbia University have established a dual degree program whereby students complete three years of course work at Brandeis, then spend two years at Columbia University to complete the requirements for an engineering degree. Students admitted to the program and completing it successfully would be awarded a bachelor's degree (BA or BS) from Brandeis University and a BS in engineering from Columbia University.

All interested students should consult the campus liaison as soon as possible in order to plan their curriculum to meet Columbia prerequisites. Interested candidates must apply to the program in the spring semester of their final year at Brandeis for admission to Columbia University in the subsequent fall semester.

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering Certificate in Engineering

Olin College offers a five-course Certificate in Engineering for students at Brandeis as part of a special collaboration. This certificate is not equivalent to an engineering degree, but represents a substantial investment in engineering courses that could help students pursue a wider field of postgraduate opportunities in industry or graduate school. The courses of study are designed to provide the student with a fundamental understanding of an engineering field, and typically consist of courses ranging from introductory engineering courses to advanced courses. One of the five courses may be an approved Brandeis course with the remaining four taken through cross-registration at Olin.