Astrophysics: Dark Energy, Dark Matter and Radio Astronomy

Dark energy Survey, dark matter searches, cosmology, radio astronomy, quasars, galaxies, the Event Horizon Telescope

Affiliated faculty:

Condensed-Matter and Biophysics Experiment

Liquid crystals, self assembly, microfluidics, colloids, chromosome biophysics

Affiliated faculty:

Condensed-Matter and Biophysics Theory

Granular materials, confined polymers, virus assembly, quantitative biology, active materials and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics

Affiliated faculty:

High-Energy Experiment

Higgs boson, electroweak symmetry breaking, supersymmetry, Large Hadron Collider

Affiliated faculty:

High-Energy and Gravitational Theory

String theory, supersymmetry, gravity, particle physics, cosmology

Affiliated faculty:

  • Matthew Headrick
  • Albion Lawrence

Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

Active liquid crystals, Belousov-Zhabotinsky emulsions, axoneme mechanics, hydrogels for cancer treatment, DNA transcription factors

Affiliated faculty: