Resource Room

The Physics Department offers free tutoring for all undergraduate physics courses. The tutoring is overseen by physics graduate students and advanced undergraduate physics majors and serves primarily students in the introductory courses Physics 10, 11, 15, 18, and 19. Students from upper-level courses, though, are also welcome to find help here.

NOTE: For the remainder of the spring 2020 semester, tutoring is available (during the schedule shown below)  through this Zoom link.

For further information contact Professor Aparna Baskaran.

The Spring 2020 schedule is below.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10 a.m. No TA Gurbir Arora Gess Iraji Gurbir Arora Prajita Bhattarai
11 a.m. Francis Rivera Mike D'Eon No TA No TA Prajita Bhattarai
12 p.m. Francis Rivera Mike D'Eon Gess Iraji No TA No TA
1 p.m. Aldric Rosario No TA Steven Planitzer Anushka Shrivastava No TA
2 p.m. Aldric Rosario Jeremy Laprade Jeremy Laprade Jonah Paasche-Orlow Sarvesh Uplap
3 p.m. Michael Williams Jonah Paasche-Orlow Nora Sherman Yingyou Ma Sarvesh Uplap
4 p.m. Michael Williams No TA (Colloquium) Nora Sherman Yingyou Ma Salman Alam
5 p.m. Anushka Shrivastava Steven Planitzer Todd Zenger No TA Salman Alam
6 p.m. Todd Zenger
Last Name First Name Resource Room Hours
Alam Salman Fri 4PM, 5PM
Arora Gurbir Singh Tue, Thu 10AM
Bhattarai Prajita Fri 10AM, 11AM
D'Eon Mike Tues 11AM, 12PM
Iraji Gess Wed 10AM, 12PM
Laprade Jeremy Tues, Wed 2PM
Ma Yingyou Thurs 3PM, 4PM
Paasche-Orlow Jonah Tues 3PM, Thurs 2PM
Planitzer Steven Tues 5PM, Wed 1PM
Rivera Francis Mon 11AM, 12PM
Rosario Aldric Mon 1PM, 2PM
Sherman Nora Wed 3PM, 4PM
Shrivastava Anushka Mon 5PM, Thurs 1PM
Uplap Sarvesh Fri 2PM, 3PM
Williams Michael Mon 3PM, 4PM
Zenger Todd Wed 5PM, 6PM