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Graduate Students

Christiana Botticello, PhD student
Comparative Politics, International Relations; political and economic development in post-communist states, Russian politics, international cooperation and coalition building.

Jeremy Cynamon, PhD student
Political Theory; liberal political philosophy.

Mika Hackner, Ph.D. student
Comparative Politics; democratization, democratic theory, party systems, and global migration.

Yasser Kureshi, Ph.D. student
Comparative Politics, American Politics; judicial politics, democratization, comparative constitutionalism,  South Asian politics, and Middle East politics.

Victoria McGroary, Ph.D. student
Comparative Politics, International Relations; secession, territorial conflict and insurgency, ethnic conflict, and security studies.

Lan Ngo, Ph.D. student
International Relations, Comparative Politics; U.S. foreign policy, U.S. grand strategy and use of force, U.S.-China relations.

Maria Smerkovich, Ph.D. student
Comparative Politics, International Relations, ethnic conflict, nationalism, violence and revolution, post-Soviet and Middle Eastern politics.

Paul Spalletta, Ph.D. student
Political Theory, American Politics; totalitarianism and democracy, nationalism, Ancient and contemporary political philosophy, political history and just war theory.

Kelly Stedem, Ph.D. student
Comparative Politics, International Relations; contemporary Middle Eastern politics, religious politics, civil society.

Merima Tricic,
PhD student
Comparative Politics and International Relations; political violence, ethnic politics, and terrorism, with a special interest in “Jihadi brides.”