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Fact Sheet

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Course Groupings

The Politics Department offers courses in four areas: International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Theory and American Politics. Students can take introductory and advanced courses in all of these areas. General course groupings are as follows:

- Introductory Courses (POL 10a through POL 15a)
- American Politics (POL 14b and POL 101a through POL 125a)
- Comparative Politics (POL 11b and POL 127b through POL 156b)
- International Politics (POL 15a and POL 160a through POL 179a)
- Political Theory and Methods (POL 10a and POL 182a through POL 192b)
- Seminars for Graduate Students (POL 211a through POL 215a)
- Supervised Study for Graduate Students (POL 302a and above)

International Relations:

Courses in International Relations focus on the study of politics across nations and within international institutions.  Some of these courses include:

War and World History – Pol 79B

The War on Global Terrorism – Pol 160A

Problems of National Security – Pol 174B

Conflict and Peacemaking in the Middle East – Pol 164A

U.S. Foreign Economic Policy – Pol 173A

Comparative Politics:

The study of Comparative Politics examines political actors, institutions, identities, ideologies, political parties, and policies of different nations and regions in a comparative fashion.  These courses include:

Managing Ethnic Conflict – Pol 127B

Immigration, State, and Nation – Pol 134B

The Government and Politics of China – Pol 147A

Political Theory:

Political Theory is the study of ideas and writings from the ancient and modern world, dealing with topics such as justice, nationalism, democracy, liberty, and rights.  Courses in Political Theory include:

Conservative Political Thought – Pol 187B 

Liberal Political Thought – Pol 182A

Marx, Nietzsche and 20th Century Radicalism – Pol 189A

Democratic Theory – Pol 190B

American Politics:

Courses in American politics deal with the institutions, political processes, policies, and history of the United States.  Courses on American Politics include:

The American Presidency - Pol 113B

Race, Inequality, and Social Policy – Pol 124B

Women in American Politics – Pol 125A

Constitutional Law – Pol 115A

Political Psychology – Pol 123A