Spring 2016 Syllabi

Professor Course Number Course Name
Miller Soc 3b Social Theory and Contemporary Sociology (PDF)
Shavarini Soc 104a Sociology of Education (PDF)
Chaganti Soc 116a

Work, Employment and Unemployment: Sociological Approaches (PDF)

Hackett Soc 120a Technology and Society (PDF)
Lucken Soc 125b Self and Society: Who Am I Really? (PDF)
Cadge Soc 129a Sociology of Religion (PDF)
Luis Soc 137a Gender and the Life Course (PDF)
Wallace Soc 138a Sociology of Race, Gender, and Class (PDF)
Fellman Soc 141a Marx and Freud (PDF)
Rosenberger Soc 146b Nationalism and Globalization (PDF)
Miller Soc 149b Social Production of Food (PDF)
Gillespie Soc 194a Sociology of Mental Health and Illness (PDF)
Fellman Soc 199b Senior Capstone Seminar: Sociology in the World (PDF)
Strand Soc 201a Classical and Critical Theory (PDF)
Sirianni Soc 225b Environmental Sociology, Politics, and Policy (PDF)

Soc 300a

Approaches to Sociological Research (PDF)