Spring 2017 Syllabi

Professor Course Number Course Name
Sirianni Soc 1a Order and Change in Society
Strand Soc 100b Introduction to Sociological Theory
Fellman Soc 112b Social Class and Social Change 
Fellman Soc 115a


Grosglik Soc 120a Globalization and the Media 
Clendenen Soc 121b Religion, Gender, and Sexuality in America: A Sociological Approach 
Lucken Soc 122a The Sociology of American Immigration
Wallace Soc 138a Sociology of Race, Gender, and Class 
Sirianni Soc 147a Sustainable Cities and Communities 
Miller Soc 148b The Sociology of Information: Politics, Power, and Prosperity 
Miller Soc 150b Culture of Consumption 
Vijayakumar Soc 155b Protest, Politics, and Change: Social Movements 
Strand Soc 156b Sociology of Celebrity 
Gillespie Soc 194a Sociology of Mental Health and Illness 
Shostak Soc 199b Senior Capsone Seminar: So You Want to Change the World 
Vijayakumar Soc 209b Health, Community, and Society
Hansen Soc 210b Gender, Class, and Race
Hansen Soc 300a Approaches to Sociological Research