Fall 2016 Syllabi

Professor Course Number Course Name
Wallace Soc 104a Sociology of Education
Lucas Soc 117a Sociology of Work and Gender
Shostak Soc 118a

Observing the Social World: Doing Qualitative Sociology

Fellman Soc 119a Deconstructing War, Building Peace
Vijayakumar Soc 124a Gender and Human Rights
Clendenen Soc 129a Sociology of Religion
Miller Soc 146a Mass Communication Theory
Miller Soc 152a Urban Life and Culture
Fellman Soc 153a The Sociology of Empowerment
Schor Soc 154a Community Structure and Youth Subcultures
Rosenberger Soc 162a Intellectuals and Revolutionary Politics
Smollin Soc 169b Issues in Sexuality
Godsoe Soc 182a Applied Research Methods
Shostak Soc 189a Sociology of Body and Health
Conrad Soc 191a Health, Community, and Society
Strand Soc 204a Foundations of Sociological Theory
Conrad Soc 208a Social Problems Theory and Research
Staff Soc 250a Master's Program Proseminar
Hansen Soc 300a Approaches to Sociological Research