The 'DEIS Impacters

'DEIS Impacters Throughout the Years


We need 'DEIS Impacters to create 'DEIS Impact - shaping the festival from the ground up and helping it live up to its incredible potential. 

Apply before 11:59pm on Thursday, September 14. Application coming soon! Please note that as 'DEIS Impacter you must be able to commit to attending meetings every Tuesday night at 7pm between September 26, 2017 and when the festival starts in February 2018 (excluding breaks).  

Who are 'DEIS Impacters?

'DEIS Impacters are student leaders passionate about social justice who shape 'DEIS Impactfrom the ground up, helping it live up to its incredible potential.

If you want to make your mark on Brandeis's legacy of social justice, please read on...

Qualities of a 'DEIS Impacter

-- Passionate about Brandeis and its social justice roots
-- Team player who is excited to work with different groups
-- Dedicated, optimistic person with a can-do attitude

'DEIS Impact is not a passive event, it is a deeply interactive festival shaped by our community: you. Whether your involvement is spreading the word and contributing by engaging in conversations at the many events, proposing new and creative events, or joining the leadership team of 'DEIS Impacters you are inextricably a part of the festival.

'DEIS Impacters:
  • Are responsible for outreach to certain clubs, departments, etc., encouraging them to plan events during ‘DEIS Impact.
  • As a group, make recommendations about which proposals will be part of ‘DI and make funding recommendations.
  • Serve as liaisons to events, working with the club, department or individual organizers to finalize details and plan effective publicity (including off-campus outreach into Waltham).
  • Are the introducer at each event, putting the event in context of the week.
  • As a group, work on assessment of participant learnings during the week, as well as documentation (photos, summaries, quotes from speakers and audience members), and followup.
  • Serve on subcommittees ranging from managing ‘DEIS Impact’s social media accounts to planning how ‘DEIS Impact can leave a lasting impact
  • Some ‘DEIS Impacters may be involved in social media presence, producing a video montage, video interviews, creative marketing, campus engagement, etc.
  • ‘DEIS Impacters are invited to propose their own events!

We need "'DEIS Impacters" – core committee members – to make the big event happen! 

Meet the 2017 'DEIS Impact organizers!

For more information:

Yiyi Wu, 'DEIS Impacter Chair
Zosia Buse, 'DEIS Impacter Vice Chair