For Prospective Event Coordinators

What's YOUR social justice? Thinking about planning an event for 'DEIS Impact 2018? We're looking for workshops, discussions, performances, speakers, films, exhibits . . . anything exploring or advancing social justice. This is your chance to share your version of social justice with the community, enriching everyone's experience and helping to create 'DEIS Impact in the process.

Important Dates and Deadlines:

Submit your proposal and funding request:
Deadline: Thursday, October 12, 2017 by 11:59pm
Application deadline has passed

Event proposers will be notified about the status of their event
by October 24, 2017, and final details for the program booklet
are due November 3, 2017.

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'DEIS Impact Dining logo'DEIS Impact Dining: A Meal, A Conversation, A Plan: 

'DEIS Impact will treat you to TAKE YOUR PROFESSOR TO LUNCH OR COFFEE to brainstorm a 'DEIS Impact event proposal and funding request!

During this time, you and the professor brainstorm a 'DEIS Impact event, so you can participate together in this uniquely Brandeisian festival of social justice in February! Sign up here by October 6th. First come, first served, vouchers are limited. 


Want to plan an event but don't know where to start?

How to make your 'DEIS Impact event proposal the best it can be, and more likely to be accepted:

Each year we receive more proposals than we can possibly fit into a single ten-day 'DEIS Impact festival. The three most common reasons for turning down 'DEIS Impact proposals are:

1) Too vague: While we don't need every single event detail listed in your proposal; what we would love to see is a well thought out explanation of the social justice issue you want to shed light on, and how you propose to do so. We know that this is difficult to do so far ahead of time in October, but you'll have some time later to nail down the details (such as the exact speaker). Show us your vision for your participation in 'DEIS Impact, even if you don't have all the details yet. It need not be lengthy, just clear. Help us envision YOUR social justice!

2) Good cause, but weak link to social justice:  Sometimes the 'DEIS Impact committee receives proposals for really great events, but a solid link to social justice is not explained in the application. While we don't claim to have the end-all-be-all definition of social justice, we ask this question in the application: "How does your event help build a more just society or work to combat injustice?" When answering this question we ask that you think about a just society like this: If the world was 100% just, would your issue still exist? For example, cancer may still exist in a socially just world, but unequal access to cancer treatment would not. An event seeking to spread awareness or raise money for cancer research is a good cause, but not directly related to social justice. However, an event that also includes discussion about inequality in treatment access would have a direct tie to social justice. It's a subtle, but important, distinction between events that promote good causes vs. social justice-building events.

Another example: It may be a good cause to showcase a certain culture with a fashion show or banquet of traditional cultural foods, but simple cultural exposure or awareness doesn't build social justice. However, an event that centers on social justice issues in a particular society might add elements of fashion or food (i.e. "The Secret Underground Railroad Out of North Korea" in 'DEIS Impact 2014 served Korean refreshments).

Don't get too bogged down in the philosophical definition of social justice, but do show us how your event connects with this important theme of 'DEIS Impact.

Please also note that we do not accept applications for fundraisers. While there are many great organizations out there, please ensure that your event is more than just a fundraising event for an organization or cause. 

3) Too similar to another 2018 'DEIS Impact event application: If we receive two proposals on a similar theme, we choose the strongest proposal. We encourage groups to work together on 'DEIS Impact events, and will inform the two groups of the similarity of their events and suggest they collaborate. 

Contact us if you have questions or want to explore an idea. Best of luck! 


For more information:

Marci McPhee (Ethics Center): 781-736-7744 or

Jacob Edelman '18 (Student Union):