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'DEIS Impact features events planned by Brandeis University community members. 

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"What do reproductive justice, sports, and Shabbat dinner have in common? All three were 'DEIS Impact events at the same time last night, all examining social justice from those widely different points of view. Interestingly, nobody at Brandeis thought that was unusual." -'DEIS Impact coordinator Marci McPhee's Facebook post on Saturday, January 3, 2016 

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'DEIS Impact Organizers

Core Committee: The 'DEIS Impacters

  • Heather Spector '17 (chair)
  • Annie Fortnow '17 (vice-chair)
  • Amna Ahmed '19
  • Abby Bergman '19
  • Rachel Blau '20
  • Julia Brown '19
  • Zosia Busé '20
  • Shikha Chandarana '17
  • Evelyn Karin '17
  • Elisabeth Shaller '19
  • Hannah Sussman '19
  • Danni Tang '19
  • Yiyi Wu '19

'DEIS Impact Steering Committee

  • Emily Conrad ’17, Student Union rep and former 'DEIS Impacter vice chair
  • Annie Fortnow 17 'DEIS Impacter Vice Chair
  • Regine Guevara, MA COEX
  • Alexandra Gustafson, PhD Candidate in Philosophy
  • David Herbstritt ’17, Student Union President
  • Alyssa Kann ’19, 'DEIS Impact Publications Assistant
  • Marci McPhee, Ethics Center
  • Suzannah Scanlon 14, 'DEIS Impact Publications Coordinator
  • Heather Spector ’17, 'DEIS Impacter Chair
  • Steven Weglinski, Grad Student Affairs

'DEIS Impact Working Group

  • Jacob Abrams '17, Brandeis National Committee Student Ambassador
  • Jessica Basile, Graduate Student Affairs
  • Jarret Bencks, Communications
  • Beth Bernstein, Brandeis National Committee
  • Doris Breay, Heller School
  • Andrew Flagel, Students & Enrollment
  • Rachel Freedline, Hiatt Career Center
  • Stephanie Grimes, Student Activities
  • Daniel Langenthal, Experiential Learning
  • Madeleine Lopez, Intercultural Center
  • Gabe Margolis, Athletics
  • Marci McPhee, Ethics Center
  • Jennifer Morazes, Student Support Services
  • David Nathan, Development
  • Caroline O'Shea, Hiatt Career Center
  • Steve Pagios, Student Activities
  • Brian Quigley, Community Service
  • Sharon Rosenberg '00, Alumni Relations
  • Ingrid Schorr, Office of Arts
  • Rebecca Simons, Admissions
  • Tamar Vogel, Brandeis National Committee
  • Steven Weglinski, Graduate Student Affairs
  • David Weinstein, Ethics Center

Ethics Center Faculty Advisory Committee:

  • Gannit Ankori, Fine Arts; Schusterman Center for Israel Studies
  • Joan Dassin, Heller School
  • Dan Feldman, Planning and Institutional Research
  • Gordie Fellman, Sociology; Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies
  • Richard Gaskins, American Studies; Legal Studies
  • Charles Golden, Anthropology
  • Harleen Singh, South Asian Studies

Events Planned By:

This could be you! Apply here to host a 'DEIS Impact event! Deadline: Thursday, October 13, 2016 by midnight (firm)