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'DEIS Impact features events planned by Brandeis University community members.  Learn more about event proposals.

Download or view the 2015 'DEIS Impact! flyer. (Coming soon!)

Launch Party: At the launch party students learned more about how they can shape 'DEIS Impact. More details on Facebook.

'DEIS Impacter applications: Create 'DEIS Impact as a 'DEIS Impacter! Apply by Friday, September 12.

'DEIS Impact event proposals and funding requests: Submit a proposal by Friday, October 17. Sign up (optional) on Facebook. 

'DEIS Impact Organizers

 Core Committee: The 'DEIS Impacters

  • Alina Pokhrel '15 (chair)
  • Heather Spector '17 (vice-chair)
  • Brontte Hwang '15
  • (Student Union Social Justice Chair, TBA)

 (Other members selected by application in fall)

'DEIS Impact! Steering Committee

  • Naomi DePina ’16, Student Union rep
  • Marci McPhee, Ethics Center
  • Alina Pokhrel '15, 'DEIS Impacter chair
  • Suzannah Scanlon '14, 'DEIS Impact Publications Asst
  • Ingrid Schorr, Office of the Arts
  • Heather Spector '17, 'DEIS Impacter vice-chair
  • Sneha Walia '15, Student Union President
  • Flora Wang '15, Student Union rep
  • David Weinstein, Ethics Center
  • Graduate Student representative (TBA)

'DEIS Impact Working Group

  • Monika Bach Schroeder, Hiatt Career Center
  • Jessica Basile, Graduate Student Affairs
  • Jarret Bencks, Communications
  • Beth Bernstein, Brandeis National Committee
  • Leigh Creveling, Alumni Relations
  • Tam Emerson, Heller School
  • Andrew Flagel, Students & Enrollment
  • Monique Gnanaratnam, Intercultural Center
  • Stephanie Grimes, Student Activities
  • Daniel Langenthal, Experiential Learning
  • Lucas Malo, Community Service
  • Marci McPhee, Ethics Center
  • David Nathan, Development
  • Caroline O'Shea, Hiatt Career Center
  • Alina Pokhrel '15
  • Bill Schaller, Communications
  • Ingrid Schorr, Office of Arts
  • Rebecca Simons, Admissions
  • Heather Spector '17
  • Elba Valerio, Intercultural Center
  • Tamar Vogel, Brandeis National Committee
  • Sneha Walia '15
  • Flora Wang '15
  • David Weinstein, Ethics Center
  • Elaine Wong, Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences

Events Planned By:

Coming soon.