For Event Organizers


We’re so glad that you plan on putting on an event for ‘DEIS Impact 2018! ‘DEIS Impact would be nothing without committed organizers like you! Below are some important dates and details about being a ‘DEIS Impact Event Host. If you have any questions about this information, please contact Marci McPhee or Suzannah Scanlon.

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Thursday October 26th, 2017 from 5:00-6:30 pm in ASAC Atrium

All ‘DEIS Impact event hosts must attend a mandatory dinner gathering on Thursday, October 26th, 2017 from 5:00-6:30 pm in the Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex Atrium, across from Heller School. Dinner will be served. You may send someone from your group in your place to represent you. This gathering is a chance to meet others involved with ‘DEIS Impact and see how your event connects to others. It will also clarify the process of hosting an event, and explain how to access your funds. To RSVP or ask any questions about this mandatory event, please contact Suzannah Scanlon.
FINAL DETAILS due 11/3/17

Due Friday, November 3rd, 2017 by 11:59pm (firm)

You will need to submit your final event details by Friday, November 3rd, 2017 by 11:59pm (firm). These details are submitted by filling out a form that was emailed to you with your original acceptance. Here is a sample form. In the document you will find the reserved space and assigned date and time for your event. The document also includes information about your awarded budget and event setup. In the space provided you should include a final title and brief event description for the program booklet, which will be sent for final printing shortly after the deadline. Please remember that all descriptions and titles are subject to editing for clarity and impact.

In the space provided in the final section, please indicate your setup needs and return the form to We will submit your needs to Conference and Events services. If you have received funding, Conference & Events will contact Barbara Strauss of the Ethics Center for a chargeline for set-up costs. In most cases, room setup, technology, and custodial costs will be covered by ‘DEIS Impact, but anything else you require (food, supplies, specialty items, speaker travel or honorarium, etc.) comes out of your funding. Please keep receipts or submit invoices. 


If you need to make last minute changes to your space arrangements, please contact Conference & Events at x64300. All changes must be made by January 16th 2018 by 5pm. If you have a display in the SCC, be sure to be in touch with JV Souffrant at

Room setup, technology, and custodial costs will be covered by 'DEIS Impact, but anything else you require (food, supplies, printing posters, specialty items, speaker travel or honorarium, etc.) comes out of the 'DEIS Impact funding award specified in section I above. Please keep receipts or submit invoices; be in touch with Barbara Strauss at with any questions. 

Please note that only what you put on the event setup section of your event form turned in in November 2017 will be ordered through conference and events. For example, if you said “I will need snacks,” you will be responsible for picking up those snacks and submitting receipts for reimbursement. Here is the catering menu for Sodexo if you decide to order through them:  Please note that this is an expensive option. You could instead buy food from the grocery store and provide receipts to Barbara Strauss for reimbursement. Finally, for those who want to order something from conference and events for which we haven’t offered funding, you will need to provide Barbara Strauss ( ) with the chartstring of the funder who is covering this extra setup/food. 

  • Custodial staff is covered by ‘DEIS Impact – your funding is IN ADDITION TO custodial charges.
  • Chairs, tables, linens, mics, laptops, projectors, screens are covered by ‘DEIS Impact as well.
  • Food comes out of your funding. The cheapest option for food is to pick up snacks on your own and get reimbursed. After the event, contact Barbara Strauss ( for reimbursement (keep your receipts). If you prefer to have Sodexo cater, look at the menu at, choose what you want and in what amount, based on your funding. 
  • Travel and honoraria come out of your funding. Contact Barbara Strauss ( to order honoraria or travel reimbursements for your speakers. Contact Barbara well in advance of your event. It takes Accounts Payable about 3 weeks to cut a check.
  • Any other misc. supplies come out of your funding. Purchase on your own and contact Barbara Strauss ( for reimbursement (keep your receipts). If you need help ordering something online, Barbara can help with that, too.
  • If you need further funding, you are strongly encouraged to consider making a request to the A-board between November 1-15. Any Brandeis undergraduate club is eligible to apply to the A-board (short for Allocations Board of the Student Union). Grad students, faculty and staff can partner with a suitable undergraduate club who can request A-board funds. A list of clubs and leaders can be found at  You can also approach centers and institutes on campus, listed at, or academic departments. Contact your 'DEIS Impacter liaison for specific ideas.

To facilitate a smooth collaboration between now and ‘DEIS Impact week, event hosts are assigned a ‘DEIS Impacter student liaison. Find your liaison here. Your liaison will help you think about ways to structure and market your event, and may have suggestions for you of possible partners. Feel free to ask your liaison for specific event support help or ideas. Your liaison is also your connection to the ‘DEIS Impact planning team. We’re all here to make your ‘DEIS Impact event a success!

Also, please note that your liaison (or another 'DEIS Impacter replacement) will attend your 'DEIS Impact event and act as an introducer for your event, to put it in the context of 'DEIS Impact week. They will stand up for a few minutes at the beginning, welcome the audience to the event, and give a short intro to open your event. See who will introduce your event here


A member of the 'DEIS Impact Working Group will serve as a staff host at your event. They will pass out surveys about your event and help people sign in. If there are any issues at your event, the staff host will have a list of contacts to reach out to for help in making sure that it runs smoothly. Find the list of your staff hosts here


For more advice on hosting an event besides your liaison, attend an Event Support meeting in the SCC room 315. The meetings are most Mondays and Tuesdays at 3pm and are put on by Student Activities. For more information click here.


You’ll need to do your own publicity aside from the event booklet. Many ‘DEIS Impact logos for you to use on your posters have been emailed to you. See this Marketing Toolkit for more ideas. Also, see sample posters from previous years here and here [PDFs]. Please email Suzannah Scanlon a copy of the posters you will be using to promote your event. It will be used for a scrapbook for our funder. To help publicize your event and get a good audience, please post your event information here. Click "submit an event" and follow the instructions from there. Please remember to say "This event is part of 'DEIS Impact" and link to the 'DEIS Impact page at

'DEIS Impact aims to be more than a 10-day Festival. We hope that each program sparks action and discussion well beyond each particular event. As an addendum to your event, we ask that you prepare and distribute a handout of follow-up ideas that may include: specific courses, internships or majors to consider; websites or books to read; actions or volunteer activities to undertake. Lasting impact does not necessarily need to be accomplished through heavy time and energy investments - 10 minutes, an hour, or a a day-long commitment is a great way to start! See sample handouts here. Please email a copy of your lasting impact handout to Suzannah Scanlon by 1/25/18.
KICKOFF PARTY 2/1/18 6:30-8pm in the Stein

The Kickoff Party is an event to help kickstart our week of social justice and generate interest in the 2018 ‘DEIS Impact festival. It will be held on the first day of 'DEIS Impact, February 1 from 6:30-8pm in the Stein. There will be some performances and social justice activities, as an opportunity to table for your event or pitch your event to folks who want to come and see what ‘DEIS Impact is all about!

If you’re interested in marketing your event during the kickoff, please RSVP to by January 18th at 11:59pm. We will contact you with more details, including a schedule.

RAFFLE 1/26/17

Start thinking about a raffle prize of $10 or less that that your group could donate. Each year we offer raffle prizes to encourage folks to complete short surveys at each event. We’ve got the 1st and 2nd prizes covered. But for 3rd place prizes, we’d like to raffle off items related to your event. The item should be $10 or less; we can increase your budget by $10 if needed. It can be anything to do with your event (ex. a club Tshirt). The raffle prizes will be drawn shortly after the festival. Please bring your prize to the SCC Info Booth ("DEIS Impact Central") before the kickoff party on February 1st!

In case of inclement weather, the University will post cancellation notices at If Brandeis is closed, the assumption is that all events are cancelled. We leave it to the discretion of the event organizers if they need to cancel their event for other reasons (i.e. if the University is open but a guest speaker is unable to travel due to weather). If your event is cancelled, please notify Suzannah Scanlon at, who will post it on the 'DEIS Impact website and notify the SCC Info Booth ('DEIS Impact Central). We welcome rescheduled events, either during or after 'DEIS Impact.