2009-2010 EL Committee


The Experiential Learning Committee was formed as part of the Learning by Doing initiative and is chaired by Adam Jaffe, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Committee members rotate annually to ensure that a variety of disciplines are represented and that faculty can inform department members on experiential learning methods. 

Experiential Learning Committee for 2009-2010


Angela Gutchess (Psychology)
Tim Hickey (Computer Science)
David Rakowski (Music)
Vardit Ringvald (Near East Judaic Studies)
Fernando Rosenberg (Romance Languages)
John Plotz (English)


Sheilah Coleman (Fellowships, Academic Services)
Joseph Dupont (Hiatt Career Center)
Audra Grady (Dean of Arts and Sciences)
Adam Jaffe (Dean of Arts and Sciences)
Lucas Malo (Community Service, Student Life)
Jessica Paquin (Dean of Arts and Sciences)
J. Scott Van Der Meid (Study Abroad, Academic Services)
Elaine Wong (Dean of Arts and Sciences)


Sarah Levy, '11
Keriann Shalvoy, '11
Michael Young, '13