Photo of Brandeis students playing musical instruments

Seeing Stars

During its history, Brandeis has been visited by many of the greatest artists of their time, including Aaron Copland, Marc Chagall, Langston Hughes, Pete Seeger, Martha Graham, Bob Dylan, Philip Glass, Marcel Duchamp, Barbra Streisand and Steven Spielberg. Recently, the campus hosted Tony Kushner, Kate Beckinsale, Chris Burden, Paul Simon, Moshe Safdie, Yo-Yo Ma, Ellsworth Kelly, Janine Antoni, Tony Goldwyn '82, Dor Guez, Mika Rottenberg and Mark Bradford.

School of Creative Arts

The Brandeis University School of Creative Arts is a community of artists and scholars in the departments of fine arts, music and theater arts. We share the belief that art is the great legacy of human accomplishment, essential to interdisciplinary learning. By uniting creative expression with academic inquiry, we educate our students to become accomplished artists and engaged citizens prepared to contribute to a multicultural society.

Watch a video about the arts at Brandeis.

The School of Creative Arts is dedicated to:

  • Nurturing the union of the imagination and the intellect in the creative pursuit of personal truth, social justice and artistic freedom.
  • Teaching both the study and the practice of art to aspiring professionals and scholars and to students seeking inspiration and creative self-expression.
  • Exploring the connection between the art of the past and the present; seeking new interpretive meanings to the classics and discovering artistic innovations inspired by the visionaries who preceded us.
  • Embodying the philosophy that a comprehensive knowledge of technique, theory and history informs the creative process.
  • Experiencing art as transformation: from vision to action, from artist to audience, from generation to generation — across time, boundaries and cultures.