Faculty Research

Check out the game-changing research being conducted in Brandeis labs and in the field.

Marcelle Soares-Santos

Marcelle Soares-Santos is a member of the Dark Energy Survey (DES) Collaboration and the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Dark Energy Science Collaboration (LSST/DESC). Her research focuses on uncovering the nature of the accelerated expansion of the Universe using data from the largest sky surveys ever conducted. Read more about Marcelle.

John Lisman

The finding by the lab of John Lisman '66, the DZalman Abraham Kekst Chair in Neuroscience and Professor of Biology, answers one of the most enduring questions in neuroscience. It also opens the possibility of one day editing our memories. We are saddened by the recent news of our colleague John Lisman. See the note from Provost Lisa Lynch about John's passing.

Rachel Fish

One state for two peoples could take many forms. Dr. Rachel Fish, Associate Director of the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, researches how bi-nationalism has been imagined and articulated throughout Zionist and Israeli history.

Andrew Kolodny

On NPR's All Things Considered, Heller's Andrew Kolodny discusses the various factors that drive a racial divide in the opioid epidemic in the U.S.

Professor Harry Mairson with the Stradivari cello

Computer Science Professor Harry Mairson gets into a taxi in Cremona, Italy--violin making's Vatican city--to make a computerized tomography scan of the 1700 Stradivari Stauffer ex-Cristiani violoncello to better understand the complex construction processes of violin making.

Professor Harry Mairson writes in The Strad, the international journal of classical stringed instrument playing, teaching, making, and selling, about “Digital Amati”,  his Renaissance-inspired software for instrument design—a tool for instrument making, as well as the computational art history of classical stringed instruments.