Creative Arts

  Music | Theater

Sarah Mead
Research Interests: Historical Performance Practice, Viola da Gamba, Renaissance ensembles.
Qualifications: Music History (Medieval/Renaissance) and upper-level Music Theory classes.  Experience with Finale.
Responsibilities: Cataloguing and transcribing music from microfilms and  original prints in the Gorham collection.


Jennifer A. Cleary
Research Interests: Stage Management, Theater Practicum, Public Speaking, Educational Theatre.
Qualifications: coursework in stage management; experience in working as stage managers/assistant stage managers at Brandeis with success; ability to transfer these skills to a professional situation. 
Responsibilities: Students would be asked to serve as assistant stage manager (ASM) on a professional production and would be required to complete all of the work normally required by a professional ASM, including but not limited to rehearsal preparation, props tracking, scheduling, assisting me on all projects, and working backstage for the performances. Students will get credit for their work.