Undergraduate Programs

Female student facing a canvas painting with blue and white

Studio Art Major

The undergraduate program in Studio Art offers diverse approaches in painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, and new media through the fundamental process of direct experience. Our established faculty fosters students’ abilities to make informed judgments and push themselves beyond expectations.

People viewing art inside the Rose Art museum with the staircase in the middle

Art History Major

The undergraduate program in Art History at Brandeis critically promotes a retrospective analysis of the art of the past, while critically engaging the art of the present. The program offers a variety of courses in ancient to contemporary Western and Asian art.

Architectural Studies Minor

The architectural studies minor is designed to benefit students who would like to pursue an architectural career — whether as a professional architect, a historian of architecture or a related field in architecture or urban planning.

Sculpture and Digital Media Minor

The sculpture and digital media minor is designed to build a strong foundation in making artworks in the ever expanding field of sculpture, which includes photography, video, and mixed media installations.