Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs)

In the Fine Arts Department, our Undergraduate Departmental Representatives are divided into the two subfields of Art History and Studio Art. These student representatives are here to offer help to majors, minors, or any other student interested in the Fine Arts Program. Whether you have a specific question about requirements or would just like to get more information on the program from a peer’s perspective, feel free to contact any of the UDRs.

Interested in Becoming a UDR?

The application process happens every spring. Contact Joan Tarkulich or check out the UDR website for more information.

Interested in the Fine Arts Department’s past UDRs and their interests? Check out our webpage of past UDRs.

Meet Your UDRs

Allison Fritz
Allison Fritz '19
Studio Art Undergraduate Department Representative

Hi! My name is Allison Fritz, and I’m a senior double majoring in Studio Art and Neuroscience. In the studio, my focus is on drawing and painting, but I’ve also experimented with bookmaking. My works are generally influenced by issues of mental health and sexual violence, but I’ve recently been exploring both accessibility in the arts and the ways in which the sciences and visual arts influence each other. Outside of school, I work at a dentistry in New Jersey, intern with Rutgers Medical School’s Institute for the Study of Child Development, and sell paintings when given the opportunity. Picasso and Ana Mendieta are two of my favorite artists and biggest influences right now. I’m more than happy to answer any questions or chat, so feel free to reach out!

Jenny Ho
Jenny Ho ’20
Studio Art Undergraduate Department Representative

My name is Jenny and I’m a junior double majoring in studio arts and arts history, minoring in legal studies. I make art with all kinds of mediums. My favorite is oil paint for painting and pencil for drawing. I also do Chinese calligraphy and ink painting. I always bribe my friends to be my painting models. When the weather is good, I spend time reading in the sun. Campus-wise, I am involved in the Drawing Club, Triskelion and mock trial. I am interested in exploring how art can promote social justice and social changes, especially issues regarding LGBTQ+ rights and racial equality. My favorite artists so far are Alice Neel and Egon Schiele. I love to talk about art and honestly all kinds of things! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Maura Koehler
Maura Koehler ’19
Studio Art Undergraduate Department Representative

My name is Maura Koehler and I am a senior majoring in Studio Art and International & Global Studies with a minor in French and Francophone Studies. I’m from Yardley, Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia. I am focusing on painting for my studio major, but have really been enjoying sculpture lately as well. In addition to my studies on campus, I am also on the club soccer team (BFC) and in Adagio Dance Company. In my free time, I love reading, hiking, doing yoga, and running. At the moment, some of my favorite artists include Gillian Carnegie, Van Gogh, and John Everett Millais. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the Studio Art program or any of my other activities on or off campus!

Liora Lilienthal
Liora Lilienthal ’20
Art History Undergraduate Department Representative

My name is Liora Lilienthal and I am a junior majoring in art history and psychology, with a minor in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. I'm from sunny Coral Springs, Florida, so Boston weather has really been an adjustment! My favorite artist has always been Edgar Degas, because as a dancer I always connected to his ballerina paintings. I also like the works of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, and Romero Britto. When I need a break from school work, I like going to museums, especially the Museum of Fine Arts. After college, I hope to become an art therapist for kids. I love meeting new people and talking about how great the Fine Arts department is, so let me know how I can help!

Alli Steinberg
Alli Steinberg ’19
Art History Undergraduate Department Representative

My name is Alli Steinberg and I’m a senior double majoring in Art History and Business. I’m from Jacksonville, Florida. I have an interest in all facets of art history, but am intrigued most by modern and contemporary art. I also spend my time on campus as a gallery guide at the Rose Art Museum and as a member of SCRAM. In my free time, I enjoy exploring museums and finding good eats in the Boston area. Some of my favorite artists include Georges Seurat, Alberto Burri, and Kiki Smith. I recently participated in Brandeis in Siena. Let me know if you have any questions about the program or are wondering about how to get more involved in the arts!