Interested in being a Global Fellow?

Interested in being a Global Fellow? Contact Jingwen Yan at for more information on applying for the 2018-2019 academic year!

Meet your Global Fellows!

Global Fellows are student leaders who view Brandeis University as a global campus and are enthusiastic about promoting international education, the integration of international and domestic students, and awareness of global issues through our annual I Am Global Week. Global Fellows may have taken a course on global issues, studied another language at Brandeis, studied abroad for a semester or summer, taught English, be an international student, or just have an affinity for engaging others in global perspectives.

The 2017-2018 Global Fellows are:

Nicole Berenice Zamora Flores       Class of 2021

Country: Ecuador

Major: Economics/Business

Nicole is from Ecuador and attended Montebello Academy. She earned a social innovation certificate in Ecuador, interned at both a marketing firm and a local hospital, and worked part time in an advertising agency. Nicole has extensive experience working with children as an extracurricular instructor and summer camp organizer. At Brandeis Nicole is interested in both economics and anthropology, and would like to use technology to work in the field of social entrepreneurship.


Sahra Jaamac     Class of 2020

Country: Somaliland

Major: Psychology/ Economics

As a young Somali woman, Sahra's vision of life is big. She likes to read and watch Game of Thrones for fun. Community Service is something Sahra loves to do and it has been a significant part of her high school experience at Abaarso School. Sahra is also a Wien International Scholar.


Jingman Li   Class of 2021

Country: China

Major: Undeclared

Jingman is from Hangzhou, China. She is so proud of her country and identity that she would like to spread the culture to everyone else. At the same time, she is very excited to learn about different cultures from different nations. She is passionate to become a Global Fellow, as she always wants to contribute to the internationalization of  Brandeis. She also participates in the Equestrian club, Habitat for Humanity, Junior Brandeis Achievers, and Service Without Borders. She is eager to promote cultural exchange and connect Brandeis as a whole.


Jialin Liu   Class of 2020

Country: China

Major: Undeclared

Jialin was born and raised in Shanghai, China. Prior to her journey at Brandeis, Jialin had never been to the United States before. She still remembers the cultural shocks she experienced in her first year at Brandeis. But now, she is in love with such a passionate community immersed with a variety of cultures. Jialin also works as an Ambassador in the Office of Admissions.


Lorraine Lu   Class of 2019

Country: China

Major: Business and Music

Lorraine was born and raised in Shenzhen, China. Her parents sent her to a boarding school in Colorado at the age of 14, and being abroad at a young age allows her to be immersed in both Eastern and Western culture. She is always passionate about traveling and exploring the world that she has been to over 50 cities in Asia, Australia, North America, Central America, and Africa. She loves making friends from all around the world, getting to know about their diverse backgrounds, and learning about new cultures.    


Izabella Nickel    Class of 2019

Country: United States of America

Major: International Global Studies, Sociology

Izzy was born and raised in Northern California. She considers herself global because she has always been interested in traveling and experiencing and immersing herself in cultures other than her own. Additionally, she is extremely interested in the way states globalize and intertwine with one another on a political and cultural scale. Being able to connect and forge a bond with people who come from different backgrounds is really meaningful and will help make the world a smaller and safer place. Izzy also volunteers with the Admissions Office, Waltham Group and various other groups on Campus.



Gisaldjo Purbollari   Class of 2020

Country: Albania

Major: Computer Science

Gisaldjo has a wide variety of interests and passions: he enjoys playing classical, pop and rock music on the piano, programming, robotics, brainstorming major global issues and playing sports. One thing he enjoys the most is meeting people from different places and backgrounds and meeting people who have different ways of thinking. Gisaldjo believes that sharing with and learning from people different from you is a sure way to become part of the global community, as well as grow morally and intellectually as a person. Gisaldjo's global journey began when he was accepted to United World Colleges in Mostar, an international IB high school with a strong emphasis on moral values and strong bonds between the members of its community. It is precisely his experience growing as a global citizen in the United World Colleges Mostar community that led to his interest in attending Brandeis and becoming a Global Fellow.


Abdul Rehman         Class of 2019

Country: Pakistan

Major: Politics

Abdul still remembers the moment when he applied for Brandeis, wishing to be accepted to this cultural and intellectual breeding ground for the passionate young minds from all around the globe. Being a Wien scholar is a bonus and it feels amazing to see himself listed among the Wien International Scholars. Abdul thinks Pakistan is in need of educated and exceptional leaders who can lead it to a developed nation. He believes Brandeis can transform him into someone who can sacrifice his own desires in order to feed the hunger and quench the thirst of his nation. Abdul also works as a Student Ambassador in the International Students & Scholars Office.