I Am Global Week

International Education Week, known as I Am Global Week at Brandeis, is a U.S. Department of Education- and State-sponsored week of celebrating global awareness, cultural exchange, and learning across the United States.   To correspond with the Department of Education event, I Am Global Week at Brandeis will be scheduled for the week of November 14 - 21, 2020. 

I Am Global Week at Brandeis strives to highlight and celebrate global efforts and achievements across campus, promote integration between domestic and international students and scholars, and showcase our global community.  This year, Brandeis will host a series of events both on-campus and virtually from student cultural performances, theater of arts productions to academic lectures, movie screenings, trivia nights, and Suitcase Stories featuring members of our international community sharing their inspiring and powerful stories.

I Am Global Week Lookbook 

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the Brandeis campus has truly become, in all senses of the word, global. With our students spread out across the globe, we wanted to provide everyone with a place to share and celebrate their daily experiences with the Brandeis community. It is in this spirit that the “I Am Global Week Lookbook” was born. You, as a Brandeis community member, are invited to share an artifact that is representative of your global experience this year. Our Global Fellows will compile these artifacts (photos, poems, songs, video clips, recipe submissions, etc.) into a digital Lookbook that will be shared with the Brandeis community throughout IAGW. 

Lookbook Submission Form


Virtual Tours - Live

Check out the Viritual Tours of places from around the world!  

Virtual Tours

  • Two women speak at a table filled with colorful items

    Global Bazaar 2018

  • Aerial view of the Global Bazaar

    Global Bazaar 2018

  • Students in traditional Russian clothes smile at the camera

    Global Bazaar 2018

  • Global Bazaar 2019

    Global Bazaar 2019