Faculty and University Committees

Graduate students are invited to sit on a variety of University Committees in order to represent the Brandeis graduate student community.  Graduate student representatives bring the concerns of their constituencies to the committees they sit on and to the GSA Senate. Committee representatives need not be Senators, although Senators are appointed to fill all unfilled slots, and all committee representatives are encouraged to attend all Senate meetings. If they cannot attend, they must report on their particular committees to the GSA President prior to the Senate meeting.

Graduate students with questions or concerns should feel free to contact the revelant committee representatives listed below. This list includes those committees with current openings.

University Committees

Role and Responsibilities:

  • University committee representatives bring the concerns of their constituencies to the committees they sit on and to the GSA Senate.
  • They communicate the proceedings of committee meetings to the Senate as well as to their constituencies.
  • Committee representatives need not be Senators, although Senators are appointed to fill all unfilled slots, and all committee representatives are encouraged to attend all Senate meetings.
  • If a representative cannot attend a Senate meeting, they must report on their particular committees to the GSA President prior to the Senate meeting.

University Committee Descriptions

Alumni Association Board
Current Representative: Zhejing Sun
Openings: One

Elected board members manage the affairs of the Alumni Association. Members of the board consist of the officers, members-at-large, presidents of all chartered regional alumni clubs, two grad student representatives, two undergrad student representatives, and an alumni representative from each of the following schools and affinity groups: Heller, IBS, Friends of Brandeis Athletics, Alumni Admissions Council (AAC), and the Brandeis National Committee (BNC). The full board meets twice a year.

Committee for the Support of Teaching
Current Representative: Claire Dahm
Openings: One

Develops policy and procedural recommendations to support the teaching mission of Brandeis and initiates faculty development programs to improve the quality of teaching. Schedules workshops and meetings on teaching issues, organizes an annual dinner on "Teaching at Brandeis" after the first faculty meeting, and contributes to the orientation of new faculty and graduate teaching assistants. CST advises on the administration of the Course Evaluation Instrument. It has also developed the format for reporting the results of teaching evaluations surveys for use by tenure and promotion review committees and initiated the University Prize Instructorships program and the Louis Dembitz Brandeis Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

‘DEIS Impact

Current Representative: Vivek Vimai

Openings: None

‘DEIS Impact is a week-long celebration of social justice in it’s many forms that occurs annually each February. Committee members shape the festival from the ground up, choosing what activities will happen from the pool of applications. One position is on the Steering Committee, which has a heavier workload, and one on the Working Group, which is a lighter workload. Both meet monthly on Wednesday nights.

Ethics Center Campus Advisory Committee (ECCAC)
Current Representative:
Openings: One
The committee proposes ideas for events that we should mount or speakers that we should bring to campus; makes recommendations about cosponsorship requests; offers advice and assistance in executing events; helps evaluate events, including post-event documentation and dissemination. The committee meets once a month during the academic year (3 meetings in the spring, 3 in the fall). Members commit to being part of the committee for a calendar year (January to December).

Festival of the Arts Planning Committee
Current Representative: Vivek Vimai
Openings: none

This committee oversees the preparation and organization of the "Festival of the Arts." Festival of the Arts takes place in the spring. Serving on this committee involves reviewing grant applications, planning all aspects of the Festival and advising and assisting in publicity efforts.

Graduate Council of Arts & Sciences
Current Representatives: Jimmy Martin, Stefany Truesdell
Openings: two (must be a GSAS student)

The Grad Council, composed of a faculty representative of each grad program and two grad student representatives. Chaired by the Dean of GSAS or a designee. The functions of the Grad Council are to determine requirements for admission; provide programs of study and examination; establish and maintain requirements for graduate degrees; make recommendations for degrees; make recommendations for new areas of graduate study; establish such regulations as may be considered necessary or expedient for governing the Graduate School; and exercise a general supervision over its affairs.

GSA Travel & Research Grants
Current Representatives: Carrie Robertson  
Openings: One

Assists in the administration of the TRG program. The GSA Travel and Research Grants provide funds for conference- and research-related travel for students in all three graduate schools, and committee members publicize the program, read the applications, and select the winners.

Library Technology Services (LTS) Advisory Committee (IT Governance)
Current Representative:
Openings: One

The Library & Technology Services (LTS) Advisory Committee meets regularly to discuss LTS policies. It is chaired by the Vice President and Vice Provost for Libraries and Technology and consists of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. 

Parking Appeals Committee (1st Tuesday of month; 10am-noon)
Current Representative: Muhammad Ilyas
Openings: None

Hears all formal appeals in accordance with Article IX. The appeal hearing will be informal and the rules of evidence will not apply. Decisions on all appeals may be made as long as three of the five Appeals Committee members are present. The decision of the Parking Appeals Committee is final, subject to judicial review as provided by Section 14, Chapter 30A, of the Massachusetts General Laws.

Public Safety Committee on Personal Safety
Current Representatives:
Openings: One

The committee reviews the overall personal safety concerns on campus and reports to the President as to whether there is a need for reassessment of current policy regarding firearms for campus police. A subcommittee of three faculty members is appointed second semester.

Provost Steering Committee on Diversity
Current Representative: Stephen Alkins
Openings: None

Sponsors a variety of activities and events designed to increase internal capacity to serve as effective stewards for diversity at Brandeis.

Richman Fellowship Committee
Current Representatives: Oliver Supitux
Openings: None

Awarded annually to a national figure committed serving the public. This committee meets three times after March 1st to choose the following year’s Fellow from the pool of applicants.

University Curriculum Committee
Current Representative: Stefany Truesdell
Openings: One
This committee reviews decisions about changes in the curriculum and makes recommendations to the faculty and the Dean of Arts & Sciences.

Zirkel & Ennis Staff Excellence Award Committee
Current Representative:
Openings: One

The purpose of the committee is to manage the process of selecting employees to be honored by two awards. The Zirkel award is given to a service employee, such as a custodian, secretary, technician, etc. The Ennis award is given to a member of the professional staff such as an academic administrator, a program director, associate dean. The winners are selected by reviewing nominations from the entire community. We usually have two or three meetings, the first is held in late January to discuss the process and review the nomination form. The second and, if need be, the third meeting are held in late February/early March and focus on reviewing the nominations and coming to agreement as to the winners. Meetings are usually at lunchtime and include a working lunch. Once the winners have been identified, they are notified and invited to a luncheon with the President. All committee members attend the luncheon. At the luncheon, the committee is introduced, the winners are introduced and presented with a check for $500 and their name is added to a plaque that then hangs in their work area for the next year.

The commitment involved for the student is a one-time meeting scheduled for 2 1/2 hours


Brandeis Board of Trustees Representative
Current Representative: Shen Wang
Openings: One (Requires two year commitment)

The Board of Trustees, composed of up to 50 elected members, is responsible for and is the final authority on all aspects of the university's operations. The specific functions of the Board of Trustees are reflected by the standing committees of the Board: Academic Affairs; Audit; Budget and Finance; Development; Executive; Honorary Degrees; Investment; Nominating and Governance; Personnel, Compensation and Ethics; Physical Facilities; and Students and Enrollment.

The Board of Trustees selects the president of the university, who is responsible solely to the board. In addition to the members, the board also includes four faculty and three student representatives. Ex officio members include the chair of the Fellows, the president of the Brandeis National Committee and the president of the Alumni Association.

The meetings are 4 times a year.

-       October 26th for dinner and October 27th for meetings beginning 8 AM to 12 noon and then full board meeting 1 to 5 PM (approximately).

-       The dates for the other meetings in 2015-16 are:

  • January 19th & 20th (with the committee meetings in AM and full board meeting until 5 PM)
  • March 30th & 31st ((with the committee meetings in AM and full board meeting until 5 PM)
  • Friday, May 20th (committee meetings in morning followed by full board meeting until 4:30 PM)

The graduate student representative will be serving on two committees -- this year it will be Academic Affairs and Honorary Degrees.










GSA Sub-Committees

Communications Committee
Current Representatives:
Help to create, improve, and develop the communications and marketing presence of GSA. Responsibilities include developing social media, the GSA webpage, and promotional materials.  

Constitution Committee
Current Representatives:
Assist the President(Stephen Alkins) in revising the GSA Constitution to reflect present needs of GSA.  Developing an effective constitution is vital to establishing the values of our organization!

Food Service Committee
Current Representatives:
How do you feel about the food service for Graduate Students on Campus?  If you would like to be part of creating change for better food service for graduate students, this will be a great committee to join!

Transportation Committee
Current Representatives:
All Graduate Students live off campus and many rely on public transportation to get to and from campus every day.  This committee will discuss how to improve transportation services for grad students!

Social Programming Committee
Current Representatives:
Contribute your ideas towards social programming initiatives that will keep Grad Students engaged and entertained!

Event Volunteers

Global Bazaar: 

Thursday, Nov. 19th 5-8pm, Levin Ballroom

Run a popcorn machine to Represent the GSA at this tabling event during the I AM GLOBAL week!   We are also looking for students that want an opportunity to share/promote their educational work related to Global Initiatives.  If you have something you are working on that you can display and share, please sign up!


Kindness Day: 

Thursday, Nov. 12th, All Day, Various Locations

Kindness Day is all about expressing gratitude and appreciation for those that have given us a helping hand along the way! We need your help to represent GSA at various locations Heller, IBS, Grad Student Center) around campus where we can find grad students!