Office of Graduate Affairs

Off Campus Living

The Brandeis campus is based in Waltham, Massachusetts. Our graduate students live throughout the Waltham and the greater Boston area.  The vast majority of Brandeis graduate students live in Waltham, Brighton and Cambridge. Students often live with a housemate, in condo/apartments that may have 3+ bedrooms. We hope you will find information to help identify your best housing option. 

Featured Resources

We recommend first starting with these resources: connect to our Housing Facebook page and Housing Google Group, then take a look at what some of our featured partners are providing for graduate students.

Additional Resources

After reviewing our 'Featured Resources,' you can check with our partnering real estate agents and the various platforms listed below to find housing options perfect for you.

Short Term 'One Semester Only' Housing

These partners have confirmed their listed rates for 30+ day agreements, suitable for students seeking housing options for the Fall ‘21 semester only. Additional Fall-term options may potentially be found elsewhere, but if available, will be limited. Please contact the provider directly for questions about their amenities and further information regarding rates. In most cases, you have the option to share the space with another student to split the overall cost.  

Please note that after 90 consecutive nights in a hotel stay, you become tax exempt. Thus, any money spent on the 11.7% hotel tax up to the 90 days will be refunded and you will not be charged tax after that point during your stay.  Please confirm these details, along with any other payment arrangements with your hotel provider prior to booking.


The Office of Graduate Affairs provides information to students as a courtesy to help with finding suitable housing for students attending Brandeis University. The information is for the use of Brandeis students and is only updated periodically.

Brandeis University accepts no responsibility for the reliability of the information provided or those listing with the department. Contact with persons listed herein will be conducted independently of the university. Brandeis University will not be involved in any negotiations between you (the leaseholder) and any land owner, property owner, student, prospective student or realtor.