About the GSA

gsa members march at commencement

The Graduate Student Association at Brandeis provides a platform for all 2,000-plus graduate students to raise issues and concerns and build community.

The Brandeis Graduate Student Association(GSA) is an independent student body that represents all graduate students at Brandeis. The body takes lead in coordinating academic, social, and other activities important for graduate students to ensure engagement and to inspire students for active participation in community building activities. They also represent the voices of graduate students and serve as a bridge for communication between graduate students, administration, and faculty.

GSA envisions a graduate student community where students are meaningfully engaged with other students, faculty, and administration, shaping the community into an active and vibrant student body, where voices are heard, diversity is celebrated, and concerns are addressed.

What We Do

The GSA supports the graduate student community through spaces that create a nurturing academic environment, hone professional development and promote social collaboration. It enriches the graduate student experience through the following activities, events and services:

GSA SWAG is available again in Fall 2021! 

Our available Swag options can be viewed below. We will have these available in September 2021. For questions - please contact gradstudentaffairs@brandeis.edu

Photos of GSA Swag options and pricing.