GSA Elections

Congratulations to the newly elected  2013 - 2014 Senators and Representative to the Board of Trustees!



Stephen Alkins

Brian Beckett

Cassandra Berman

Erin Bishop

April French

David Harris

Jeffrey Karam

Siddhi Krishna

Timothy Lauer

Adriane Otopalik

Carrie Robertson


Marta Baran

Arina Chithavong

Princess Osita-Oleribe

Elizabeth Pierce

Brian Ramsey


Mohammed Almulaihi

Hazem Alrafaihi

Zarea Qranbaish

Kaushal Vaddiraj


Representative to the Board of Trustees

Elizabeth Pierce

Position Descriptions

GSA Senator

Student Senators are elected in proportion to the numbers their schools represent in the graduate student population. They serve for a year and meet once a month to review issues concerning graduate students and make recommendations for action.

Senators are the folks who review our social and educational programming, suggest other activities we should be involved in, serve on University committees to assure that graduate student concerns are being brought to the table when University decisions are made. The senators review and approve the budget for the Graduate Student Association each semester.

Senators need to make a time commitment of 2 hours per month (meeting times and committee service) and perform outreach to their communities to identify needs, issues and concerns that need to be brought to the attention of the administration.

Representative to the Board of Trustees

The Representative to the Board of Trustees is elected by the student body for a 2-year term (beginning in fall 2013, ending spring 2015). This position requires a more significant time commitment: preparation for and attendance at Board of Trustee meetings each semester, membership and participation in the Committee on Graduate Student Issues (COGSI) which meets 3-4 times during the school year with staff from the three schools and the Provost's Office, and, serving as a voting member of the GSA Executive Committee.

Because of the 2-year commitment, this position is limited to students in doctoral programs.