Fall 2005 Welcome Letter

Dear Graduate Students,

I would like to welcome you (back) to Brandeis, and take this opportunity to update you on some of the great (and I mean, GREAT) social events we are planning for the up coming year.

To get your minds off exams and the exams off your minds, the GSAS will be having monthly "Bar Hopping Excursions" where we'll explore some of Boston's great bars and hot spots (which on occasion will be substituted for Dinner, Bowling, and Movie nights). (First bar hopping night Thursday September 23rd)

In addition, we plan to host at Brandeis a variety of events throughout the year — from Cultural Dinners, Karaoke (yay!) and dance parties — to discussions, debates and more intellectually inclined activities.

Finally, to top things off (and if the Gods are with us on this) we'll be having two end of semester parties where we hope to join forces with the graduate student associations of other Boston universities, to get us mingling and interacting with some of the other (not so bad either) Grad students of the Boston area.

Just a reminder, these events are run by Grad. students for Grad. Students, so to make them successful all we ask from you is your attendance! And for those of you who think you can be excused from off campus events, no worries, we'll be arranging car pools and vans to take you to our occasional down town destinations.

On that note, I wish you the best of luck with the beginning of the school year, and hope to see you all soon, at our next event (Thursday September 23rd).

Your new Grad. Social Events Coordinator,

Elan Divon

PS: Please feel free to send comments, questions or suggestions to elandiv@brandeis.edu