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General Questions

Q: What does Hiatt do?
Hiatt can help you reflect, explore and connect to achieve your career goals with many different things, such as resume and cover letter review, interview tips and skills, job and internship searches, finding internship funding, looking over applications for jobs and grad schools, graduate school and law school preparations. We do mock interviews, alumni networking, and drop-in hours and also hold many workshops and events throughout the year.

Q: Is it too early for a first year student to use Hiatt Career Services?
Absolutely not; in fact, we recommend students start as early as possible in the career or graduate school exploration process.


Q: Where is Hiatt located?
Usdan 15. Take a right at the front entrance up the loop road until you pass by a castle. Then at the top there will be a red brick building, on the left which is Usdan. Our office is the first door on your left. Please visit the interactive Brandeis campus map for additional directions.

Q: Is there parking?
You can park anywhere you can find a space. However, parking lots closest to Usdan include North Quad and right on the loop road. You can obtain a parking pass from us or by stopping in the ‘15 minute parking' and getting a pass from the Hiatt Front Desk, or get one at the information booth at the entrance to Brandeis' campus.

Q: Where is...

  • Levin Ballroom: Across the Usdan courtyard from Hiatt.
  • International Lounge: Adjacent to Hiatt in Usdan.
  • Alumni Lounge: Across the Usdan courtyard from Hiatt on the second floor.

Q: How do I make an appointment?
 Log into B.hired, click on "Appointments" and select "Schedule A New Appointment." You can also call us 781-736-3618 to arrange an appointment.

Q: Can alumni see a counselor?
A: Yes! Alumni have lifetime support of Hiatt Career services. We conduct in-person, phone or Skype appointments. Call us 781-736-3618 to arrange an appointment .

Q: If I have a phone appointment, who makes the call?
 Your counselor will call you at the number you provided for your phone appointment.

Q: Do you schedule same day appointments? What if there is a last-minute cancellation?
 We don't schedule same day appointments or reschedule same-day cancellations, but if you would like to speak with a counselor that day you could come back for drop in hours. Drop in hours are held Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., and Tuesday evening, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Q: What should I do if I'd like my resume reviewed?
 If you'd like a basic resume review, come in for drop-in hours, which are 15 minute quick question sessions, or alternatively email it for eReview at hiattchat@gmail.com.

Q: Can a graduate student use Hiatt's services?
 Hiatt services undergraduate students and alumni who were undergraduates at Brandeis. Each graduate school has their own career counseling office

Q: What time are drop-ins?
 During the semester, drop-ins are from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday evenings.

Q: How long is the wait for drop-ins?
 It fluctuates; we usually have more than one counselor on, so the wait should not be very long. Waits may be longer if a critical deadline, like the Orientation Leader or Business Major Application deadline, is approaching.

Hiatt's Library

Q: Can Hiatt Career Center library books be taken out?
Yes, you can take out books with your Brandeis ID.

Q: How long can a Hiatt Career Center library book be kept out?
Two weeks.

Q: Can students print from the Hiatt library computers?
Students may print career and graduate school related documents in the Hiatt library.


Q: How do I log into my B.hired account?
Your username should be your Brandeis UNet ID. 

Q: What do I do if I forgot my password/don't know my password?
 Your password should be your UNET password, but if you have the ability to change your B.hired password to a separate password. If you need the password reset, there is a "Forgot password" box on the login page that will email you a new password.

Q: How do I upload my resume in B.hired?
Visit the Hiatt homepage and complete the following steps:
  • On the left hand side of this page is a tab called: B.hired. 
That takes you to the log in page, where you use your email address and your password to log in.
  • At your HOME page, go to Documents
  • On the bottom left is "ADD NEW" 
  • In the "Label" box you can name the resume
  • Hit the "BROWSE" box which will bring up the files on your computer. Highlight the one you want to upload, then hit "SUBMIT" and your document is uploaded to your B.hired account.

Q: Is your "user name" the same as your UNET?
Your login is the same UNet login you use to access your Brandeis email.

Q: Do students need to RSVP to events?
Please do. It is helpful for us to know how many people to expect for an event, but in many cases you may show up to the event. See each event description for registration instructions.

Q: How do you cancel your reservation to an event?
 You can cancel your reservation to an event in B.hired by selecting "Cancel RSVP" on the event you previously RSVP'd for. Contact the Hiatt Front Desk if you need assistance and we will be glad to cancel your reservation that for you. Please note that if you are canceling at the last minute without cause, you may be in violation of the Hiatt recruiting policy.

Q: How do graduate students RSVP to events?
Only undergraduates and alumni have accounts on B.hired, but you are more than welcome to come to the events without RSVPing on B.hired. Your college's career center may have a mechanism that will allow you to RSVP; please check with them for details.

Q: May alumni have access to an account on B.hired?
Yes. We can look it up for you if you like, or create an account for you.

Q: How do I find out who the employers are who are coming to a particular event?
You can see detailed information by looking at B.hired. Go to the calendar and click on the day of the event.

Q: Will a counselor send their workshop presentations to students if they are unable to attend in person?
Many of our workshops are viewable on the Hiatt website.  If a counselor has a recording of a workshop presentation, s/he would be happy to send it to you. Many of our workshops are highly interactive, so the counselor may not have an online version.

Resumes/Using Optimal Resume

Q: Can you help me make a resume?
If you already have a resume in progress, we suggest that you come in for drop-in hours to get it looked over by a counselor. However if you have not started one, you can use Optimal Resume. This is a program that helps you to create a resume and does all of the formatting for you after you input your information. Once you have done a resume draft, come back to our daily drop in times, and have your resume reviewed. There is also an online Resume workshop at the Hiatt site on resumes that you will find very helpful.

Q: How do you sign into Optimal?
Optimal is a wonderful tool to help you put together your resume. You need to create an account in Optimal based on your Brandeis email address. You can reach the link to Optimal on Hiatt's resume page. Once you have a draft of your resume, bring it to Hiatt during drop-ins to have a counselor review it to ensure it is the best it can possibly be.

Q: If your resume was approved last year, do you need to have it approved again?
Yes, you should update your resume with your latest experiences and have it reviewed and approved every year. Some of the career events and job applications require you to have an approved resume so you will need to have a counselor review your changes.


Q: What is WOW?
WOW, or the World of Work is a program where Hiatt will fund an internship you have already secured. You need to procure your own internship and apply through Hiatt in March. If you want to learn more about it there is a WOW page on our website and any of the counselors can speak with you about it in drop ins or an hour long appointment.

Q: How do I get credit for an internship?
Watch Hiatt's Earning Credit For Your Internship Webinar or visit the Internship Credit Page for more information.

Q: What types of funding are available for internships?
There are many different ways to get funding for an internship. There is information on the Hiatt website that addresses Grants, Fellowships and Funding that you will find helpful, and you may also want to follow up with an appointment as well.

Q: Is now too early to be thinking about a summer internship?
No, it is good to get started early and begin planning out your summer. Some employers will not post internships on their websites until later in the spring, but you can email or find past internships that companies have had. There is an on line workshop on Internships which you will find helpful. You should review it and make an appointment with the counseling staff who can answer any of your questions.

Q: Who handles Transcript Notation?
Any of the counselors can address questions regarding Transcript Notation. Learn more about the transcript notation process.

Networking Requirements

Q: How do I get approved to network with alumni?
Watch the networking video, submit the results, and fill-out and submit the Hiatt Integrity contract.

Q: What is TypeFocus and what is the password?
TypeFocus is a great way to get the conversation about career planning started. The site is www.typefocus.com and you will need to enter BU78 as the password. When you have completed the online assessment, make an appointment with a counselor to go over your results.
GRE/LSAT Preparation
Q: Does Hiatt run LSAT/GRE practice classes?
No, but our prelaw/graduate school counselor holds many workshops about applying to graduate school and law school and is available for appointments in preparation for these tests. Learn more about Hiatt's graduate and law school advising.
Recommendation/Credential Files

Q: Does Hiatt keep recommendations on file?
We use an online system, Interfolio, which allows your professors to submit confidential letters of recommendations/credentials either by email, or by letter. Learn more about references and recommendations.