Hiatt Career Center

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Career happens everywhere across the Brandeis campus.

In the labs, classrooms, athletic fields and even through those casual conversations with other members of the Brandeis community, there is always something career-related happening. It's an ongoing process, and those experiences you have will forever shape how you approach your next opportunity. As you can continue to explore what campus has to offer, build your resume and gain experience, Hiatt works to collaborate with you on fusing together what you have learned and done to translate into a career. 

We offer numerous ways for students to get started exploring what majors, fields, industries and skills they are most interested in. Get started with these resources as well as consider making an appointment with a member of our career team to continue to discover options. 

Majors + Careers

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There is a lot to be considered in choosing a college major and thinking about how it can relate to future career opportunities. Get started exploring the various options that are available at Brandeis and collaborate with Hiatt to develop a plan as to where your choice of major may take you.


Identity at Work

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Every job seeker is unique and we recognize that your skills, values, background and interests are most valuable to you in a working environment. The Hiatt Career Center is committed to helping you transition into the workforce by equipping you with resources that further enhance the career development of you, the individual, that may identify in a specific community or group.

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Law + Graduate School

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Graduate and Law school are some of several options available to undergraduate students upon graduation. Whether you are wondering if advancing your education can boost your career prospects, or you have your sights set on a specific program of interest, there is a lot to plan and learn about.

Getting started by educating yourself about the process of searching for graduate or professional schools and applying for admission is an important first step. Review how to get from your initial point of exploration to the final decision to attend. 


Build Career-Ready Skills

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Now more than ever, employers are seeking candidates with well-rounded skills and experiences. Advance your capabilities and expand your knowledge with these free programs to enhance your resume.