Hiatt Career Center: Alumni

Career Services For Life

A staff member works on their computer at Hiatt's front desk.No matter when you graduated or where you are, Brandeis University's Hiatt offers lifelong career services for all alumni. Whether you're changing careers, networking, or just starting out, we provide workshops, events, and counseling to help you succeed.

Career Appointments

We offer one-on-one appointments in-person, by phone or via video. Collaborate with a member of the career development team to develop personalized strategies to stay flexible in an ever-changing professional world. 


If you had a Handshake account as a student, it has been updated to reflect your alumni status. See more about Handshake Access for help. 

To provide optimal support, we offer one appointment per week. It's beneficial to meet with the same staff member to build a relationship. When required in some cases, alumni may be referred to seek additional career support from local resources who can better meet their immediate or long-term career needs.  

Alumni Career Resources

Your career after college might not follow a straight path, and that's alright. Even though each job search and workplace experience may vary, many strategies for planning, gathering information, and showcasing your skills remain consistent.

While we don't directly place individuals in jobs, we offer techniques to enhance your job search. Here are resources tailored for alumni to assist you in your next endeavor, whether it's finding a job, applying to graduate or law school, or exploring new opportunities.

Events and Networking Opportunities

Brandeis alumni are invited to participate in our major career and recruiting events that we host throughout the academic year. Attend our major career fairs (listed on the left-hand side of this page) to learn more about organizations, build their networks and explore position openings.

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Beyond Brandeis

On average, 97% of Brandeis graduates are employed, attending graduate school or engaged in other meaningful activities within six months of graduation. Learn more below about the destinations of the most recent class as well as previous graduates beginning in 2008.

  • Employment by Industry —See where Brandeisians work after graduation
  • Advancing Education — See where Brandeisians are currently studying and what degrees they are pursuing
  • Major to Industry — The path between college major and career isn't always linear. With a liberal arts degree at hand, Brandeisians have the experiences, skills and education to be multidimensional in the world of work.