Faculty and Staff

Brandeis faculty and staff are valuable partners in helping students discover who they are, what they want and how to get there.

Hiatt's Philosophy & Approach

Recognizing the dynamic nature of work, Hiatt has embraced a philosophy that helps students discover unexpected opportunities, develop skills and strategies to become adaptable and learn flexible decision making. Learn more about Hiatt's philosophy and approach informed by scholarship, research and practice in the field of career development.

Hiatt continually works to connect and partner with faculty across campus. In early 2019, a research team from the Hiatt Career Center started a qualitative study of Brandeis faculty. Review our research and findings. 

National Recognition 

Hiatt has been nationally recognized for career services excellence from two of our professional associations as a result of this philosophy and how we have implemented it. Follow the image links below to learn more.

NACE 2020 AwardNCDA 2019 Award

Hiatt's Commitment to Diversity


Our Ecosystem

We continually work to integrate key stakeholders both on and off-campus into our career development ecosystem. This process involves the overlap of systems and partnerships to advance the mission of supporting Brandeis students and alumni to build life-long skills during college and beyond. See how we connect with cross-functional partners across Brandeis and beyond.

Career Collaboration Opportunities

Faculty Career Resources