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Reflect. Explore. Connect.

1. Discovering a deep self-understanding and awareness of the career fields and work environments that match your strengths and help to forge an intellectually and professionally satisfying work life

2. Experimenting with your ideas about the world of work, meeting people who you think have interesting careers, researching graduate education options and testing out and gaining experience in real organizations and offices

3. Connecting with and competing for opportunities about which you are well-prepared and passionate

About Us


Hiatt helps Brandeisians know who they are, what they want, and how to get there. We provide services for undergraduate students and alumni of undergraduate programs at Brandeis, engaging employerscolleaguesparents and the greater Brandeis community to achieve this mission.

Shared Values

Our shared values form the foundation of how we work with students and alumni at the Hiatt Career Center.

Student/alumni-centered approach — We make choices that are deeply rooted in the best interests of students and alumni to assist them to discover meaningful professional futures and relationships.

Results-focused orientation — We assume personal responsibility for achieving ambitious, realistic, measurable results in pursuit of our vision. We persevere in the face of challenges, seek resources and partnerships to ensure the best outcomes and engage in our work with a sense of purpose.

Leadership — We work purposefully and intentionally with respect to our individual and collective projects; we take initiative and assume personal responsibility to reach the best outcomes for students and alumni.

Sense of possibility — We approach our work with optimism, think boldly and greet new ideas openly.

Disciplined thought — We think critically and strategically in search of the best answers and approaches, reflect on past experiences and data to draw lessons for the future in our commitment to continuous improvement.

Respect and humility — We value all who seek to assist Hiatt engage in our work with students and alumni. We keep in mind the limitations of our own experiences and actively seek out diverse perspectives.

Integrity — We engage in honest reflection, and do our best for students, alumni and other stakeholders with whom we work. We are honest and ethical in all that we do.