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Interfolio, is now the provider of dossier management for all students and alumni. The online system allows one to build a portfolio of all one’s credentials. Nearly any document can be stored, including, but not limited to confidential letters of recommendation, resumes and curriculum vitae, statements of purpose, writing samples, dissertation abstracts, teaching portfolio documents, supervising teacher evaluations, student and peer evaluations, and transcripts. There is a charge for this service, payable online to Interfolio.

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The Hiatt Career Center has teamed up with VistaPrint to offer Brandeis business cards, thank you notes, and stationary.

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Online Career Resources

Hiatt subscribes to career sites with a wealth of information on self-assessment, career options, job hunting, and more. They offer an excellent introduction to virtually every field imaginable, but also specific research on individual employers. These resources have proven invaluable.  Please take advantage of them:


Type Focus
This program will assess your personality type and lead you on a path of self-discovery. As you affirm and discover your career-related strengths and interests, you will become more aware of what career options are right for you. 
Contact Hiatt at 781-736-3618  for site password.

Reflection Worksheets...


B.hired houses a variety of resources for your career development, including Hiatt's calendar, and specialized resources including Case Questions Interactive and Vault.  This Brandeis-only database lists internships, jobs, and domestic and international company information, and allows you to create customized job/internship search agents, and more.  It also connects you with two key job and internship databases: Liberal Arts Career Network and National Internship Consortium.

LACN: Liberal Arts Career Network
Brandeis is part of LACN, a 35 school consortium of liberal arts colleges and their career offices. This site includes job and internship postings from all 28 schools, for students and alumni.  Enter through your Hiatt NACElink account by clicking on "Jump To" in the navigation bar.

How To
This selection of resources will assist you with written and verbal self-marketing practices including resume writing, how to approach various professional correspondence, interviewing, negotiating offers and tips on navigating various professional situations.


Career Resource Index
Our online library offers a variety of helpful career-related resources designed to assist you according to your Brandeis major, desired geographic location and career field.  It also includes a affinity group resource section which includes resources for international students, students of color, LGBT students, etc.

Spotlight on Careers
Spotlight on Careers is a collaborative project initiated by the Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN), twenty-five private liberal arts colleges, to create a dynamic, ever growing library of web links which facilitates the career development process for students.

Going Global
This research tool contains resources for finding global employment.  The Going Global Country Career Guide Series, featuring 24 countries contains resources on such topics as: job search resources, work permit and visa regulations, compensation information, resume/CV writing guidelines and examples, and cultural and interviewing advice.


Join Hiatt Career Center's professional networking community for Brandeis University alumni and students on LinkedIn. This is a forum to share career-related knowledge, information, referrals, and advice across industries and geographic locations. Current students MUST complete Hiatt’s required networking training prior to being accepted to this group. See our Networking Page for the Networking Requirements.

Graduate & Law School
Choosing to attend graduate school is no small decision. Brandeis' online graduate school guide is designed to challenge and support you in your decision-making process every step of the way.

Interfolio Credential Service
Interfolio, the premier application portfolio management service, is now available to students and alumni of Brandeis University. Interfolio is the easiest and most affordable way for a prospective teacher to apply for a teaching position, a PhD to send academic credentials to a search committee, or an undergraduate to send application materials to graduate and professional schools.  There is a $19 charge for this service, payable online to Interfolio.

Vault (Connect via B.hired's "Resources")
This online library includes over 90 Vault Career Guides and employer profiles, and over 3,000 company profiles.

CQ Interactive (Connect via B.hired's "Resources")
CQ is an online case interview preparation website by Marc Consentino. Marc is the author of Case in Point, the top selling case interview book in the country.