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Film, Television and Interactive Media

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The Film, Television and Interactive Media Program exemplifies interdepartmental inquiry and multicultural exploration, with a strong curriculum in world cinema. The major and minor focus on analysis of film style and content, film history, and the relationships between cinema and culture.  Students develop an awareness of cinema as a complex narrative form and as an art, learn the rhetorical and syntactical conventions of moving images, and understand how this language has developed historically.  The program provides a broad overview of the history of the moving image to develop expertise in cinematic style and cultural meaning and an appreciation of the practical and technical side of motion picture production.

First Destination Data

The Hiatt Center is pleased to provide a list of organizations, titles and fields of alumni who majored in your discipline. Click here to download a sortable spreadsheet listing the first destination graduate programs and employment opportunities that Film, Television and Interactive Media alumni from the classes of 2008-2012 secured within six months of graduation.

The diverse list is indicative of the wealth of transferable skills students cultivate as a Film, Television and Interactive Media major at Brandeis.

Alumni Career Paths

The Hiatt Center is pleased to provide a list of organizations, titles and fields of alumni who majored/minored in this program. The list represents a wide array of professions, which is indicative of the wealth of transferable skills students cultivate in this field at Brandeis.


The Nielsen Company

Client Associate


Atlantic Productions

Camera Assistant


National Geographic Channel

Program Coordinator


Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust



Rubicon Marketing Group

Product Manager


John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Editorial Staff


CBS News



Jeffrey Richards Associates



National Institute on Aging




Strategy Consulting


National Real Estate Management

Administrative Assistant


Director’s Guild of America

Assistant Director


University of Southern California






Maybelline New York



Los Angeles Times

Copy Editor


The Gage Group

Talent Agent


Seattle Jewish Community School


Skills, Abilities & Knowledge

Your program of study at Brandeis University provides both field-specific knowledge and a broad range of transferable skills, abilities and knowledge that are sought after by all employers in all fields and enhance your experience and success in the world of work. To identify additional skills and abilities you have developed through coursework, activities and work, take TypeFocus

Skills and Abilities1


  •  Active listening and learning
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication
  • Concentration and focus
  • Create engaging and persuasive messages
  • Critical thinking
  • Evaluate diverse ideas and methods of presentation
  • Evaluate, interpret and synthesize information and sources
  • Explain an dmanage processes, plans and concepts
  • Gather information and data
  • Imagination and originality
  • Influence and persuade
  • Leadership and coordination of people and resources
  • Present specific viewpoints, social perception
  • Quantitative and qualitative reasoning
  • Report, write and edit independently and with others
  • Understand institutional and cultural values
  • Work with deadlines, time management


  • Esthetics, cultural trends and history of ideas
  • Human behavior, motivation and psychology
  • Management principles involved in strategic project planning, resource allocation
  • Media production, communication and dissemination techniques and methods
  • Principles and methods for describing the features of land, sea, and air masses, including their physical characteristics, locations, interrelationships, and distribution of plant, animal, and human life
  • Performance, creation, craft
  • Structure and content of language
  • Theory, techniques, tools and principles required to compose, produce, perform, and critique arts-related work
1 Excerpted from O*Net OnLine, US Department of Labor by the National Center for O*Net Development

Career Resources

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Career Planning Links

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Internet Movie Database (research producers, directors, etc.)

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Entertainment Careers

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 Professional Associations Links/Career Research

Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television

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American Film Institute

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Australian Film Institute

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British Film Institute

British Interactive Multimedia Association

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The New Media Landscape

Screen Actors Guild

Variety (the daily morning read for film professionals)

Sample of Occupations


Entertainment Lawyer

Prop Maker


Film Archivist


Arts Administrator

Film Editor

Recording Mixer

Arts Librarian

Film Production Instructor


Booking Agent

Foley Artist

Script Supervisor

Camera Operator



Casting Director/Assistant

Independent Filmmaker

Set Designer


Industrial Filmmaker

Sound Editor


Lighting Technician

Special Effects Specialist


Location Scout

Story Editor

Colorizing Technician

Make-up Artist/Designer

Storyboard Artist

Costume/Wardrobe Design

Personal Asst to Cast

Studio Merchandising


Personal Asst to Director

Stunt Performer

Director/Assistant Director

Press Agent

Talent Agent

Distribution Agent


Television Producer

Drama Coach


Theater Manager


Program Assistant

Visual Effects Specialist

Graduate School Information and Resources