Your major is just the beginning...

Your major helps you develop knowledge, skills and abilities that employers seek.

To identify additional skills and abilities you have developed through your coursework, activities and work, consider using the reflection worksheets (accessible via B.hired > Resources) and/or Type Focus (accessible via B.hired > Resources).

To build your resume, please review Hiatt's sample resumes.



The Brandeis Internship Exchange is a convenient online tool to find and share internship opportunities.

Just log on with your UNET ID and use the advanced search to search internships by major.

Alum Experience

IGS: Sample of Possible Occupations

Media Planner
Restaurant Manager
Bank Manager
Stock Broker
International NGO Administrator
Purchasing Agent
Travel Agent
Real Estate Agent/Broker
Financial Analyst
Relief Aid Administrator
Commodities Trader
Language Teacher
International Economist

Lawyer, Paralegal, Judge
Loan Officer
Foreign Exchange Trader
Account Representative
Advertising Executive
Marketing Specialist
Financial Planner
Product Manager
Policy Think Tank
Finance Writer
Policy Analyst 

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