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Alum Experience

Psychology: Sample of Possible Occupations

Crisis Intervention Counselor
International Student Advisor
Admissions Evaluator
Customer Service Representative
Job Developer
Advertising Assistant
Customs/Immigration Officer
Junior Market Analyst
Account Executive
Employment Agency Counselor
Labor Relations Specialist
Community and Social Service Worker
Food and Beverage Assistant Manager
Market Research Analyst
Case Worker
Marketing/Sales Manager
Community Relations Representative 
Hospice Coordinator
Media Buyer

School Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Research Assistant

Account Manager


Organizational Consultant

Compensation Analyst

Management Consultant

Human Resources Director

Procurement Specialist

Elementary School English Teacher

Research Scientist

Hotel Event Management
Media Planner
Corporate Merchandising
Human Resources
Mental Health Coordinator
Corrections Officer
Public Opinion Surveyor
Personnel Assistant
Correctional Caseworker
Public Relations Assist.
Personnel Interviewer
Recreation Specialist
Statistician Assistant
Probation Officer
Professional Employment Recruiter
Social Service Professional Staff
Television/Media Research
Youth Corrections Officer 

1 Excerpted from O*Net OnLine, US Department of Labor by the National Center for O*Net Development

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