Master of Arts in History

Designed to meet the varied academic and professional needs of graduate students, the MA program is especially well suited to those individuals interested in comparative and transnational history.

Ours is a flexible MA program. In close consultation with their advisors, students will choose from a wide array of courses. Each will complete an individualized capstone project, with options for intensive research, experiential learning and integrated study.

All applicants are eligible for need-based aid; merit scholarships are available for those with exceptional promise.

Why Earn an MA in History?

Apart from intellectual curiosity and gratification, there are some practical reasons to seek the MA degree:

Why Brandeis?

It is certainly possible to earn an MA at many fine institutions, but there are compelling reasons why you should consider studying at Brandeis:

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Admission is by vote of the Executive Committee. The deadline for MA candidates is May 1, and review of applications is on a rolling basis.

To apply, visit the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website and complete an electronic application. The application requires a writing sample, transcripts, letters of recommendation, Graduate Record Examination scores and a personal statement.