About the ISSO

The International Students and Scholars Office is part of the Provost Office's global engagement efforts; Global Brandeis. As such, the ISSO is dedicated to supporting international students and scholars throughout their time spent in the Brandeis community.

What We Do

The ISSO determines visa eligibility and prepares and issues the visa documents needed for non-immigrant students, scholars and their dependents to obtain visas in order to come to Brandeis University to study, teach and/or conduct research.

We assist international students, scholars and their dependents with immigration benefits and procedures (i.e. extensions of stay, transfer of visa status to and from Brandeis, changes of status, employment authorization, etc.) as well as advise about their rights and responsibilities as non-immigrants living, studying and working in the United States.

We advise and provide guidance to international students and scholars regarding academic, financial and personal issues which may impact their legal status in the U.S. and at this university.

The ISSO offers programs which aim to enhance the American educational experience for our international students and scholars. The office also offers programs aimed at helping the campus community benefit from the presence of people from diverse cultures.

Outside Referrals

In some instances, our students and scholars face personal circumstances that require the attention of an immigration specialist with qualifications beyond the scope of ISSO's purview. These circumstances can include but are not limited to being a victim of criminal activity including sexual assault or fearing for one's safety in a home country. In these instances, the ISSO provides referrals to qualified legal resources that can consult on particular cases.  Students and scholars who need such a referral should contact the ISSO.