About being an ISSO Student Ambassador

ISSO Ambassadors are peer leaders and liaisons between the ISSO staff team and the international student community.  Ambassadors assist with front office support, student engagement, social media, marketing, and programming. ISSO hires 4-5 ambassadors each academic year. For current job openings please see On-campus Employment.

ISSO Student Ambassadors

Yiyi Wu '19

YiyiYiyi is an undergraduate International student from China. She was born and raised in Hangzhou China, famous for Buddhist temples and the West Lake. She is pursuing a double major in Anthropology and International and Global Studies with a focus on global immigration and the refugee crisis. She is passionate about social justice, diversity and intersectionality. She is involved with various organizations and activities on campus. She is the 2017-2018 chair for Brandeis Impact, an annual social justice festival. She is a student worker at the Gender and Sexuality Center and a member of Brandeis Pluralism Alliance. She is also an Undergraduate Departmental Representative for the Anthropology Department. Outside of Brandeis, she is a core member of Unmuted, a LGBTQIA+ rights advocacy group in China. She sees Brandeis as a great place to learn about social justice and policy advocacy. She loves graphic design and Buddhist Art. As a student ambassador, she is passionate about bringing intersectionality of sexuality, religion, ethnicity and culture into the international community and facilitating mutual learning and conversations between the international community and the domestic community, as well as many other student groups on campus.

Zhuoyuan He '19Zhuoyuan He

Zhuoyuan is an undergraduate student from Guangzhou, China. He is pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Economics, and a minor in Business. Most of his time is spent working on his programming assignments. For leisure he enjoys cooking, snowboarding in Vermont, reading political and economic news, and analyst reports. As a student ambassador, he is passionate about helping his fellow international students embrace their curiosity, question and critically think about "the status quo" within such a diverse environment such as Brandeis.


Akim Sanni '21 Akim

Akim Sanni is an international undergraduate student in the class of 2021. He was born and raised in Cotonou, Benin in a big family of eight children, but five years ago decided to pursue his passion both academically and athletically in the United States. He came to the United States his sophomore year of high school with an eagerness to learn a new language and culture. After graduating high school he decided to attend Brandeis because of its great academic and athletic programs. Akim wishes to pursue a degree in Business and a double minor in Economics and French. Akim is very curious and highly active both on and off the basketball court. Moreover, he is a Wein International Scholar and also a French and Francophonie department UDR. As a student ambassador, he is passionate about helping international student understanding the American culture.

Kate Nguyen '21Kate Nguyen

Kate is an undergraduate student from Hanoi, Vietnam. She is pursuing a double major in Business and HSSP. Outside of class, she loves to engage in cultural events and activities that embrace her own culture as well as exploring other cultures. She enjoys traveling and trying out food from different countries. She is a part of Southeast Asia Club as a Cultural Show Coordinator and the Korean Student Association as an outreach chair. She also loves dancing and performing with her hip hop dance team on campus, Kaos Kids. As a student ambassador, Kate wants to reach out to more international students on campus to share her stories and experiences and hopes to be an approachable source of support for them. 

Juan Bordon '22Juan Bordon

Juan Bordon is an undergraduate student from Paraguay. Although he was born in the capital city, Asuncion, he lived his entire life in Luque, located 45 minutes away from Asuncion. He is a first-generation student and so far, he is the only one who speaks English in his family. Juan can speak three languages, and he is learning his fourth language here at Brandeis. He is still undecided about his major, but he is leaning toward International and Global Studies with a minor in Italian. Juan is very active on campus; aside from working as a student ambassador, he is an upper-level Spanish tutor and a peer advocate at the Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (PARC). As a student ambassador, he wants to help other international students take advantage of the resources available at the ISSO and hopes to gain some insight into the international education area in general.