About being an ISSO Student Ambassador

ISSO Ambassadors are peer leaders and liaisons between the ISSO staff team and the international student community.  Ambassadors assist with front office support, student engagement, social media, marketing, and programming. ISSO hires 4-5 ambassadors each academic year. For current job openings please see On-campus Employment.

ISSO Student Ambassadors

Eric Mcheka '17

EricEric Mcheka is originally from Malawi, Southern Africa. He is an international graduate student in the class of 2016, pursuing a Master's in Sustainable International Development (SID) at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management. Eric got his Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) degree from the University of Malawi and for over 10 years he worked with people with disabilities and people living with HIV in Malawi, serving in the roles of public relations and project coordinator and fundraiser. He is passionate about serving the underprivileged and making a difference in people’s lives. As a Student Ambassador in the International Student and Scholars Office, he enjoys meeting different people from diverse cultural, political, and social backgrounds and networking with them. Eric looks forward to becoming an international development practitioner, making a difference in people lives, especially the vulnerable. Eric enjoys reading autobiographies of influential people and likes African cuisines.  

Roshelle Savdie '18

RoshelleRoshelle is an undergraduate student of the class of 2018. She was born in Bogota, Colombia, but fifteen years ago her family decided to start a new life in Costa Rica. After graduating from high school she decided to live in Israel for a year before coming to Brandeis. Roshelle wishes to pursue a double degree in Psychology and Business, and if she has enough time, she would love to minor in education. Roshelle is a highly active person and she really enjoys meeting people from different countries and learning about their cultures. Moreover, she is passionate about traveling around the world and helping people in need. She likes to wake up early to enjoy every minute of the day. Having moved 4000 miles away for college, Roshelle is very happy to have found a second home at Brandeis. In addition to receiving an extraordinary academic experience, she has met amazing friends. She really misses her family and her friends from back home, but she is incredibly happy and grateful to be at Brandeis. Roshelle enjoys going on outdoor adventures, drinking tea, being in the ocean, helping people, and spreading happiness around. 

Abdul Rehman '19

AbdulAbdul Rehman is an International undergraduate student of the class of 2019. He was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, which is famous for Mughal heritage and spicy foods. Abdul is attending Brandeis on the Wien International Scholarship. He is pursuing a double major in Economics and International and Global Studies and a minor in Politics. At Brandeis he has been involved with the Brandeis International Journal and the Muslim Student Association (as Vice President). Abdul sees Brandeis as a perfect breeding ground for his ambition of becoming a successful political figure and administrator in his country. He is hopeful to bring about a positive change in the political system of his country currently going through a political crisis. Abdul loves to travel and experience different cultures. 

Yvonne Cao '17 

Yvonne CaoYvonne Cao is an undergraduate student of the class of 2017. She was born and raised in Beijing, China. At the age of 16, she came to America to pursue her college degree, majoring in Politics and Business with a minor in Legal Studies at Brandeis University. Yvonne is passionate about experiencing different cultures and customs and she is grateful to attend Brandeis where she makes so many friends with diverse social and ethnic backgrounds. She took a study abroad course about social justice in the Netherlands during her freshmen year and also studied at Hong Kong Polytechnic University for a semester during her sophomore year to learn more about Asian business and politics. At Brandeis, Yvonne is a Finance Teaching Assistant and also works at the Klausen Western Jihadist Lab. Yvonne loves sports, especially running, gym and yoga. This year, Yvonne wants to obtain her Yoga Teaching Certificate. She also loves backpacking and the next destination on her mind is Cuba!

Celia Xie '17

Celia XieCelia Xie is an undergraduate student of the class of 2017. She was born in Hunan and grew up in Guangdong, China. Hunan is famous for spicy and hot food, so her favorite food always comes with pepper. She majors in Business and Economics with a minor in French. She really enjoys the diverse cultural environment and making friends at Brandeis, so she immerses herself in many clubs on campus. She was the Public Relations for BC3 last year, and she is always an active member in French club. She used to be the president in the competition Branch of BSC (Brandeis Student Consultancy) and organized both intercollegiate and Brandeis case competitions. Currently, she is the TA for a microeconomic course. She loves sports like snowboarding and swimming, and her favorite snowboarding place is at Sunday River in Maine. Photography is her second hobby, as she likes to travel and capture the beautiful moments along the way. As a student ambassador, she is passionate about meeting people around the world with different cultural backgrounds, and she enjoys helping people solve difficult situations.