Tentative Schedule

Canoe Trip

JBS is an intensive and immersive experience and students should anticipate being engaged in programming four to five days a week for most of the day. Class will typically meet on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (with variations to work around the fall calendar). The Environmental Field Semester totals approximately 240 contact hours. Mornings will be devoted to classroom work and afternoons to field work and research projects. Tuesday and Friday can be used by students for field and archival research.

Class will meet in the morning for two, one-and-one-half-hour blocks. Topics will include the historical and ecological development of New England and particularly Waltham and Weston, contemporary environmental challenges and the legal and political context in which decisions about land are made. Particular attention will be paid to how these communities have been shaped as part of the development of greater Boston, protection of species and ecological services in a fragmented suburban environment and sustainable local food and wood production. Morning sessions might also include Geographic Information System (GIS) training.  

Note that this schedule and all information is subject to change.