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Hanna Wellish '12, student on JBS Environmental Health and Justice Program, creates a short video about the students' work with Worcester Roots.

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The following courses will run concurrently for eight weeks throughout the summer.

1. HSSP 100bj: Introduction to Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Population Health

Taught by Professor Laura Mignone

Core course for the HSSP major and minor. Provides an orientation to the science of epidemiology, the quantitative foundation for public health policy.

As a comprehensive survey course, students from varying academic backgrounds are introduced to biostatistics and major epidemiological concepts, and provided with training in their application to the study of health and disease in human populations. Case studies examine how environmental, physical, behavioral, psychological and social factors contribute to the disease burden of populations. Four credits.


  • Health: Science, society and policy core course
  • QR Quantitative Reasoning requirement
  • SS School of Social Science distribution requirement
2. HSSP 102aj: Global Perspectives on Health

Taught by Professor Sarita Bhalotra

A primer on major issues in health care. Topics include the natural history of disease and levels of prevention; epidemiological transitions; health disparities; and determinants of health including culture, social context and behavior.

Also covers infectious and chronic disease incidence and prevalence; the role of nutrition, education, reproductive trends, and poverty; demographic transition including aging and urbanization; the structure and financing of health systems; and the globalization of health. Four credits


  • Health science and social policy elective: Focal area C, health care policy and practice
  • Peace, conflict, and coexistence core elective
  • South Asian studies elective (requiring a paper and approval from the SAS chair)
  • School of Social Science distribution requirement
  • International global studies: Elective
  • IGS towards Inequality, Poverty and Global Justice specialization: Inequality and Development sub-track
3. NEW! HSSP 120: Health Care Landscape

Taught by Lecturer  Rebekah Zincavage

This course is both experiential and skills based including site visits and observations at Boston-area health and healthcare organizations (i.e. One day visits to four to six sites). The course introduces students to organizational and evaluation theory, and research methods; it will include guest workshops. While this course provides preparation for a fall internship and research, it is also an experiential introduction of observing health care settings. Four credits