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JBS is featured in BrandeisNow. Check it out!

Hanna Wellish '12, student on JBS Environmental Health and Justice Program, creates a short video about the students' work with Worcester Roots.

Philip Lu '11 writes about his experience in The Justice.

Why consider the HSSP JBS program?

The Health and Society JBS program offers a unique small learning environment where up to 15 students will take three courses together for eight weeks with the option to do a fall internship and research component, with online faculty, group support and connections.

Only JBS students can enroll in the summer HSSP 100, a required HSSP course that usually can only be taken in the senior year (due to over demand).

The JBS program offers a unique skills development and experiential course, Health Care Landscape, especially designed for the HSSP JBS program.

With the extended JBS program, students will be able to complete about 40 percent of the HSSP major (four of 10 courses for B.A., four of 11 for B.S.) as part of the JBS program.

JBS counts as a semester in residence and could facilitate an early graduation.