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Hanna Wellish '12, a student in the JBS Environmental Health and Justice Program, creates a short video about the students' work with Worcester Roots.


About The Program

Who should consider this program?

The intended target audience for this JBS is wide, including students across the disciplines at all levels with an interest in engaging in the community as part of their academic work.  Students with an interest in Social Justice & Social Policy (SJSP), Sociology, History, Politics, Anthropology, African and Afro-American Studies (AAAS), or Legal Studies may have a particular interest in this program.  The JBS program is appropriate for students across the disciplines and has no pre-requisites.

Students outside of Brandeis University can apply to the summer JBS programs. For more information on the application process, please contact Alyssa Grinberg. Only students who are matriculated at Brandeis will be able to enroll in a fall or spring JBS program. Students entering a masters program at Brandeis University may enroll in a JBS program at the discretion of the respective program, provided the student meets the admissions criteria and provided space is available.