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The summer 2012 admissions deadline has passed.

JBS class study reveals poor air quality in Boston nail salons

Former JBS student launches new website!

"JBS was an eye opening experience every day."

Nail Salon Study

Click above to view the Nail Salon Study Poster. 

JBS Presentation

A Night Out with Toxic Free Nails: JBS Environmental Health and Justice Presentations!

Watch the video on the 2011 JBS Civil Rights and Racial Justice in Mississippi Program

2011 JBS Students will present their study at the International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology!

Meda Kisivuli's Blog on Healthy Boston

Nail Study on Her Campus Brandeis

Hanna Wellish '12, a student in the JBS Environmental Health and Justice Program, creates a short video about the students' work with Worcester Roots.

Philip Lu '11 writes about his experience in The Justice.


Applying to the program

Please follow the general application instructions listed on the Application webpage.

Supplemental Application Piece

In addition to the general JBS application, students will be asked to address the following in the on-line application:

Please describe in no more than 250 words your proposed research for the summer.  The research should be in the Boston area, and should be something you could feasibly do in five weeks in July and August (eg. don't propose to study fans' responses to the Superbowl, since that takes place in January).  If you have made any contacts with people or organizations related to your proposed research, please include that in your description.

Examples might include a study of the origins and journeys of one or more vegetables sold on Moody Street, the child-rearing practices among Chinese immigrants in Chinatown or the practice of shomer negiah among Brandeis students. 

Application Support

Want some additional support on how to write a project proposal? Click here to view the document "Proposing a Project for the JBS on Ethnographic Fieldwork".

At the start of the spring semester we will be holding an information session about the Program and will provide further guidance on coming up with a research project. All interested students are encouraged to attend. More details will be available shortly.

Honors Thesis Application

Students interested in applying for the honors thesis program will be guided through the process and given support on any other preliminary steps that need to be in place by the summer (such as clearance to work with human subjects). All interested students are encouraged to apply regardless of whether you plan to write an honors senior thesis or not.