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Murtaza Jafferji
Murtaza Jafferji, Web Services and Mobile Applications summer 2010, reflects on his experience with JBS.

I just wanted to say that one of the most attractive things about the JBS program is the amazing opportunity that it gives students to learn to work in the real world unlike anything they could ever learn or experience in the classroom. Because of the JBS program, my transition to a working environment has been so easy. I'm amazed by the opportunities that the JBS program has opened up for me. It is unlikely that I would have attained this internship at the Chicago Tribune without the help of the JBS program. Not only that, but I have a phone interview with Microsoft next Thursday for a possible internship for next summer.

The only thing more attractive than this aspect of it to me is the close relationship that students develop with the amazing professors who work with us. Working so closely with Tim and Pito was a priceless experience that I will remember and appreciate for the rest of my life. We could not have asked for a better pair of teachers. Not only did they provide a great classroom experience, but they were always available to help after class with any problem that ever came up. The JBS program provided me with the chance to develop a special relationship with them-a relationship that would have unlikely developed any other way.

The JBS program gave me the spark that ignited my love for Computer Science. I have continued working on my JBS final project and I have been inspired to start other projects on my own. The JBS program really gave me the confidence and the ability to achieve great tasks. I look at everything in a different way now.  Whenever I see a website or some software, I break it down to see how I could make it or how I could make it better. Another thing that the JBS program did was give me the knowledge to actually implement the ideas I've always had. Now, instead of thinking something would be cool if someone else made it, I take a shot at it and try to make it myself. I also write tiny pieces of code to help me out with everyday computer tasks to make common problems a lot easier-something that would have seemed completely outside my range of abilities before this summer. I think I do this because the JBS program showed me how much fun programming could be.