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Hanna Wellish '12, student on JBS Environmental Health and Justice Program, creates a short video about the students' work with Worcester Roots.

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Student Testimonials

Students from the JBS Web Services and Mobile Applications 2010 summer program wrote the following in the anonymous program evaluation.  

To all of my friends who have even a peripheral interest in web development, I would recommend this program enthusiastically.

The JBS has allowed me to gain useful skills that I can apply in a real-world job.

I would recommend JBS program to those who want to develop a product from beginning and are interested in learning something different than the traditional academic learning.

I learned a lot about how to use Ruby, Rails, Java, and Android. It was challenging, but it was exactly what I was interested in. I really enjoyed it!

A wide variety of topics were covered in 8 weeks of time. Many technologies were new to the students so it was challenging to learn and work in a fast-paced schedule.

There were many concepts introduced to me that I have never experienced before. An example would be agile methodology for rapid development and the usage of GIT and ruby on rails. The homework was also extremely intense!

Lots of room for creativity, adapting new tools, and developing new modes of thinking (from networking to agile development).

Indeed, the topics of the course were well integrated. The lectures each day were backed up by a homework that included content from the lecture. In addition, we worked in a team to develop a cool product which was a key feature.

Many of the homework assignments involved directly applying what was learned in class to our incubator projects. This was a great way to solidify our new knowledge.

Learning by doing is one of my favorite ways of learning, and that's what this class was all about.

I feel that the new type of learning experience helps show how to apply the skills you've learned from classes into the real world.

Such a learning environment is rare in a traditional academic setting. Learning in a small group of like-minded, passionate individuals allows for a more tightly knit community to form, which in turn gives students a greater opportunity to learn from their peers.

I say, "I could make that" whenever I see a website.

This program inspired me in many ways. Tim Hickey inspired me to see the Internet as a platform for positive social change and individual empowerment; Pito Salas inspired me to seriously consider starting a business with my peers, as well as to take professional networking seriously. The program also strengthened my web development principles.

From this program, I found out that it's not that hard to build a web application and mobile application. This might encourage me to try more ideas and implement them on the internet.

Anyone interested in web applications should take this course -- it was well worth it!

This is an experience that you wouldn't be able to get in one semester anywhere else.

Some of the greatest benefits include meeting new COSI people, learning ruby, and just listening to speakers. What makes this program special is the unity between students and teachers along with the group work.