From the Director

Sharon Feiman-NemserFor nearly ten years the Mandel Center has been generating new knowledge and ideas and designing tools and frameworks that are changing the work of Jewish educators and shaping discourse in the field of Jewish education.

The Center is the address for serious studies of teaching and learning. Researchers and practitioners alike seek out and use our scholarly products to deepen their thinking and enhance their practice. We sponsor emerging and established researchers as doctoral students, post doctoral fellows and visiting scholars. Organizations request our expertise concerning the professional development of Jewish educators, from novice to veteran. Thoughtful teacher-scholars collaborate with us on studies of practice. We also work with foundations and philanthropists interested in how research can illuminate and improve the work of Jewish educators.

Our goal is to increase understanding and transform practice by challenging conventional thinking, offering images of the possible, and shedding light on basic questions about teaching and learning, all in the service of making Jewish education more purposeful, more meaningful and more effective. Our areas of inquiry, from the teaching of Jewish texts to the development of school-wide programs for teacher learning, seek to transform the practice of Jewish educators, the settings where they work and the experiences of Jewish learners. 

We share our work through scholarly and popular publications, multi-media cases, presentations at conferences, consultations, our blog and on Twitter. We invite you to explore what we have to offer, and welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

If you have not yet visited us in person, I warmly encourage you to be in touch. Learn about upcoming events.  Or, if you'd like to plan a visit, please contact us directly. We are eager to share some of the energy and excitement of our work.

Sharon Feiman-Nemser
Director, Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education
Mandel Professor of Jewish Education