Faculty and Staff

MCSJE brings together prominent core faculty and affiliated scholars who are not only productive scholars, but are also deeply involved in the field of practice. The faculty and staff of MCSJE are dedicated to advancing the field of Jewish education scholarship through expansive research on teaching and learning. The team is also committed to convening and catalyzing other scholars and practitioners in the field.


Jon A. Levisohn
Jon A. Levisohn
Associate Professor in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, and the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Chair in Jewish Educational Thought
781-736-2941 Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex
Sharon Feiman-Nemser
Sharon Feiman-Nemser
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Professor Emerita of Jewish Education at Brandeis
Founding Director and Senior Scholar of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education
781-736-2946 Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex
Jonathan Krasner
Jonathan Krasner
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Chair in Jewish Education Research
781-736-2372 Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex
Ziva Hassenfeld
Ziva Hassenfeld
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Assistant Professor in Jewish Education
781-736-5018 Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex


Shani Winton
Associate Director
781-736-2917 Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex
Elizabeth DiNolfo
Senior Department Coordinator
781-736-2093 Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex
Masha Sud Lokshin
Budget Manager
781-736-2314 Lown Center for Judaica Studies 314C
Sarah Flatley
Administrative Coordinator
781-736-2073 Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex