The Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education (MCSJE) connects and supports established and emerging scholars and scholarly practitioners, to drive broad collective impact in the field of Jewish education scholarship. MCSJE has developed a broad and diverse array of programs that engage and inspire undergraduates, doctoral students, established scholars, practitioners and leaders.

Lab for Brandeis students to develop social scientific research skills, as they participate in a range of collaborative empirical studies focused on how children read and understand sacred texts.

Professional learning, mentoring and a supportive cohort to Brandeis undergraduates who are working in supplemental Jewish education.

Intellectual and professional support to a small cohort of doctoral students whose research is related to Jewish education.

Brings together groups of scholars around a particular topic in Jewish education over an extended period of time, in order to develop scholarly discussion of and publication on the topic.

Provides an opportunity for Jewish education scholars to participate in the intellectual community at MCSJE and to contribute to MCSJE projects, as appropriate, while working on an intellectual project of their own.

MCSJE has created a network of affiliated scholars from leading institutions, including many of the most productive and creative scholars in the field of Jewish education.

Invests in and nurtures a small cohort of senior scholars of Jewish Education who have the unique and valuable vantage of directing programs, organizations, or institutions, in order to help them develop their scholarly contributions to the field.

A partnership between MCSJE and the Brandeis University Press, this series publishes single authored and edited volumes of rigorous scholarship in the field of Jewish education research.