John F.C. Wardle

John WardleProfessor of Astrophysics


PhD, University of Manchester, England, 1969


John Wardle studies powerful extragalactic radio sources and especially the nuclei of quasars using the Very Large Array and the Very Long Baseline Array of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. He specializes in making polarization observations of quasars to map the magnetic fields near the super-massive black holes at the heart of these objects. Recent results include the first detections of circular polarization at milli-arcsecond resolution, and a new technique for measuring the distance to high redshift quasars. Professor Wardle is a member of the Brandeis Astrophysics group.

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Detecting Relativistic X-Ray Jets in High-redshift Quasars” McKeough, Kathryn; Siemiginowska, Aneta; Cheung, C. C.; Stawarz, Łukasz; + 12 authors; Atrophys. J. vol 833, p 123 (2016).

High Resolution Linear Polarimetric Imaging for the Event Horizon Telescope”  Chael, Andrew A.; Johnson, Michael D.; Narayan, Ramesh; Doeleman, Sheperd S.; Wardle, John F. C.; Bouman, Katherine L.; Astrophys. J. vol 829, p11 (2016).

Resolved magnetic-field structure and variability near the event horizon of Sagittarius A*” Johnson, Michael D.; Fish, Vincent L.; Doeleman, Sheperd S.; Marrone, Daniel P.; Plambeck, Richard L.; Wardle, John F. C.; and the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration; Science, vol 350, p1242 (2015).

Comparing different indicators of quasar orientation”  Van Gorkom, Kyle J.; Wardle, John F. C.; Rauch, Andreas P.; Gobeille, Doug B.; MNRAS vol 450, p4240 (2015).

Relative Astrometry of Compact Flaring Structures in Sgr A* with Polarimetric Very Long Baseline Interferometry” Johnson, Michael D.; Fish, Vincent L.; Doeleman, Sheperd S.; Broderick, Avery E.; Wardle, John F. C.; Marrone, Daniel P.; Astrophys. J. vol 794, p 150 (2014).

Magnetic fields and polarization in AGN jets” (review) Wardle, John F. C. in The Innermost Regions of Relativistic Jets and Their Magnetic Fields, Granada, Spain, Edited by José L. Gómez; EPJ Web of Conferences, Volume 61, id.06001 (2013) 

The Structure and Linear Polarization of the Kiloparsec-scale Jet of the Quasar 3C 345” Roberts, David H.; Wardle, John F. C; Marchenko, Valerie P.; Astron. J. vol 149, p 49 (2013).

Evidence for Highly Relativistic Velocities in the Kiloparsec-scale Jet of the Quasar 3C 345” Roberts, David H.; Wardle, John F. C; Astrophys. J. vol 759, p 55 (2012).

Discovery of a Kiloparsec-scale X-Ray/Radio Jet in the z = 4.72 Quasar GB 1428+4217” Cheung, C. C.; Stawarz, Ł.; Siemiginowska, A.; Gobeille, D.; Wardle, J. F. C.; Harris, D. E.; Schwartz, D. A.; Astrophys. J. vol 756 p 20 (2012).